nextLiFi Brings Li-Fi to Shopping Malls for a brand new shopping experience

Li-Fi is soon to be launched on nextLiFi’s retail brand LIFIC (Li-Fi Communications) as a leveraged brand marketing strategy and a new form of digital signage to be made available to brands and retailers streaming real-time advertising on a new secure wireless infrastructure that uses light will interact with handsets and IoT devices.

Opposed to Wi-Fi that uses the RF radio frequency spectrum, Li-Fi runs off the light spectrum which is up to 10,000 times larger. The next generation of wireless technology is faster, more secure, greener and more cost-effective to deploy than Wi-Fi.

It will give retailers the ability to send promotions to consumers handsets, displaying daily specials and offers within a shopping complex or high street environment whilst also becoming an accurate consumer positioning tool without contributing further RF interference and limiting cybersecurity issues.

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LIFIC is taking on a new role in the digital retail omni-system from real-time shop browsing through to the point of purchase with a LiFi secure payment gateway and well beyond with data collection on purchases that could then be tied into a consumer rewards program.

Opportunities to facilitate LIFI LANs in the public Li-Fi space throughout major and independent shopping centres, airports, car parks and high streets throughout the world will see LIFIC providing the infrastructure for future shopping experiences.

The experience will allow for LIFIC’s products and services to be used from their infancy and into a powerful tool for brands and retailers right through to the point of purchase said Gary Mackenzie group CEO.

In the near future, LIFIC’s retail wireless infrastructure will leverage both corporate brands and public spaces, enhance tourism, cultural arts, museums and historic locations that will also use LIFIC’s infrastructure to enhance the visitor experience through smarter and safer engagement. Once deployed, strategic LIFIC infrastructure will level up customer engagement by delivering interactive digital content that enhances the consumer experience and connection to the customer. This allows for very targeted and localised campaigns and a customised user experience on a faster and more secure network.

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