Digital Items Creator Unveiled by Mintable During New York Blockchain Week

Innovative Ethereum startup, Mintable, is demoing their recently launched digital item creator’s platform at New York’s 5th annual Blockchain Week. Centered around Coindesk’s Consensus conference, the week is the world’s largest annual gathering of blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. Mintable’s beta version launched on April 15th of this year, in time for Blockchain Week participants to enjoy a public demonstration of the first of its kind platform.

“People want to mint their own digital items once they see how incredibly easy it is,” says Mintable co-founder, Jesse Johnson, “especially after realizing the service doesn’t require any sort of native token and the user completely owns their creation from the moment it’s minted.”

The term digital item refers to a specific branch of tokens that exist on blockchains. Mintable’s team prefers the term digital item as opposed to more technical equivalents such as ERC-721 or non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Founder, Zach Burks explains, “Mintable is a user-friendly service built for everyone, not just crypto experts…any new product requires terminology that adds clarity and scope.”

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Unlike cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH), a digital item is a token that has unique information stored inside of it. Perhaps the most famous example to date was 2017’s launch of Crypto Kitties, a Pokemon-styled collectibles game where each digital item was a different “Kitty” with differently valued attributes and degrees of rarity.

As part of Blockchain Week, Mintable will be attending the Crypto Kitty sponsored, May 16th event “NFT Dev meetup NYC”. The company will be showcasing how their platform serves the growing digital items space via not only creation services but also powerful items’ management and browsing tools. These help to bridge the existing gaps between Ethereum based games, where gamers’ items are basically stuck in each respective game’s silo.

Mintable changes that by allowing users to effortlessly peruse through every digital item that exists on the Ethereum blockchain. Mintable even provides a way to interact and manage any NFT on the blockchain owned by the user. Burks commented on the value this unlocks for users and game makers alike, “The more development houses we speak with, the more apparent Mintable’s manager and browsing tools value becomes.”

Mintable team is in New York City from May 12-May 18th and continues working toward their full launch with a September 2019 release schedule. The beta version is live now at

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