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Innovative on-demand tech sourcing marketplace, Digitalogy, offering an alternative to platforms like Upwork,, Toptal, X-Team etc

Digitalogy is a relatively new startup that is poised to change the way software development experts and companies are hired, consequently offering an alternative to big outsourcing and freelancing platforms. Digitalogy Consulting LLC started operations less than half a decade ago and has grown in recent times to become one of the go-to places for businesses and even individuals looking to hire the best software outsourcing companies. Digitalogy is now expanding in the US as well as outside the country, allowing businesses across the globe to enjoy the amazing features and benefits of the platform.

Businesses often prefer to outsource some projects to professionals in a bid to save the costs associated with having them in-house as a regular staff. However, many of the available outsourcing companies, professionals, and platforms often fail to meet the expectation of their clients. This is so as they either deliver late or deliver results of inferior quality. This was the case of Dwayne and Andrew after outsourcing their mobile app development in 2013 to a group of developers. The devs were not only slow in responding but actually had freelancers whom they claimed to be their employees. Consequently, the project was completely screwed and could not be completed, leading to loss of time, money and other such resources.

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The failed mobile app development project in 2013 led to the founding of Digitalogy Consulting LLC in 2014. Digitalogy is looking to save businesses and other such clients the stress and loss of resources experienced by Dwayne and Andrew. Consequently, the platform has chosen to work with the world’s top 5% software development agencies, which have been highly screened, vetted and verified.

The agencies are listed on the platform after rigorous background checks, with features such as value for money, testimonials, client interviews, online reviews, code reviews, technical expertise, and support quality assessed.

The platform’s comprehensiveness and ease of use that allows companies and individuals to connect with software development agencies within 24 hours and get the project started matching their requirements have helped to increase Digitalogy’s popularity, with more than 2,000 projects completed in just 4 years.

Some of the unique features and benefits that users of the platform enjoy without paying a dime include matchmaking services, consulting and risk analysis services. Digitalogy features experts that are experienced in Blockchain development, ICO, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Software product development, UI/UX, Mobile apps, Web apps, and a host of others.

Digitalogy Consulting LLC. has been able to assess over 8000 service providers (listed/partnered 200+) and has a network in more than 50 countries.

More information about Digitalogy and how to enjoy reliable, professional services offered by the innovative marketplace can be found on their website.

About Digitalogy Consulting LLC.

Digitalogy is a completely free "on-demand" Matchmaking, Product Consulting and Tech sourcing platform focused on making software development projects successful. Based out of Virginia, USA, Digitalogy Consulting LLC offers a very strong value proposition for young companies to source and manage their technology needs, guaranteeing high-quality delivery.

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