DragonEx ImplementsCommunity Democratic Voting, Returning the Rights and to the Community

In the past several years, blockchain technology has always been the focus of discussion. Its openness, transparency and decentralization make it one of the most revolutionary technologies. The development of blockchain technology is accompanied by the rise of cryptocurrency trading. Even though different trading platforms have different development paths, but one thing is unchangeable – the common pursuit of decentralization and community autonomy.

The meaning of decentralization is as its name suggests, whereas community autonomy refers to the formation of community organizations according to the wishes of community members to collectively manage community affairs in accordance with the rules. As the first cryptocurrency trading platform which implements the Trading-mining model with Holding-sharing feature in the world, DragonEx is the practitioner of this measure. However, why does DragonEx decide to push on decentralization and community autonomy?

For most platforms, it does not really make you the owner of the trading platform by holding tokens or coins. Even if you have a large number of tokens or coins, it won’t help to express your opinions on the choice of projects. The only thing that you can do is to accept the decision-making of the platform that already made, even if it may harm the interests of the users. The result goes farther and farther away from our expectations.

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As the pioneer of the Trading-mining model, DragonEx has long been committed to community autonomy and decentralized management since its launch. It is planned to prepare for the transition to a decentralized trading platform in the first quarter of 2019.

As from November 2, 2018, the production of DT (Dragon Token) has halved according to the smart contract issued. In the meanwhile, DragonEx has taken the first step towards decentralization, gradually reducing its holding of DT, to ensure a shift occurs from inflation to deflation with the rights and interests returning to the community.

DragonEx has also made great efforts in community autonomy.

In response to the call of the community, DragonEx has set up a community voting system which makes it possible to share users’ opinions, allowing them to participate in the decision-making of the platform and even have the chance to affect it.

DragonEx has launched a couple of voting campaigns already, including “One-year Anniversary Campaign: 100K DT Airdrop – Adjustment”, “DT Bonus Day – Adjustment” and “DT Foundation – Sources of Funds”. Besides, a new voting campaign, “DK Lotto – Interests Skyrocketed”, will also kick off soon.

DragonExwill distributes DCV (DragonEx Community Vote) tokens in the light of certain rules in advance of the voting campaign. During the voting period, users can vote for their options by transferring DCV to a specific address to exercise their voting rights and participate in the decision-making. DCV is a token issued on EOS, with a supply limit of 18,688,000 (same with DT). DCV only represents the community voting rights of DragonEx.It will be reclaimed when the proposal is concluded and redistributed again at the beginning of the next proposal.

Decentralization and community autonomy have become the commonplace sayings of many exchanges. But the implementation of decentralization and community autonomy is still a drop in the ocean. Rome was not built in a day. On the road towards decentralization and community autonomy, DragonEx still has a long way to go.


DragonEx is a Singapore-based Cryptocurrency exchange, which ranks top-20 in the world.


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