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Global Crypto Community (GCC) has spread its mighty wings on the African continent. The community claims to touch base in all 54 fully recognised sovereign states of the African continent. The community has previously been associated with Asiatic countries and affirms the claim that the GCC has amassed a sum of 200,000 members in Asia.

Global Crypto Community claims that it is working towards providing the community members with the most genuine, fast and profit-making news about the cryptocurrency and its numerous projects. The community is often linked with changing the face of cryptocurrency usage in Asia. And now plans to begin work in Africa.

“We have been warmly welcomed in the African soil, and we wish to return the favour by bringing in the strength of our community and its many benefits to the brave people of Africa.” Said Kim Hallend CEO of Global Crypto Community.

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Plans in Africa

GCC will be following a similar approach in establishing itself in the African continent as used in Asia. Community members once joined are given knowledge about the expansion of cryptocurrency and the right places to invest. Being in the top of the community chain, GCC is already the fastest growing community in Asia.

It is an ecstatic moment for me, as I am overseeing the growth of GCC in Africa. We have already cemented ourselves in the heart of 20 Asian Countries. Entering Africa was a natural choice as its would help us reach 50% of the world and share the potential of the community with Cryptocurrencies. Added Kim Hallend.

Global Crypto Community employs DAICO mechanism to move further with decision pertaining to the betterment of the community. DAICO is the most unadulterated form of voting seen in the cryptocircles, where only a handful of organisations have dared to employ it. GCC has almost become a thought leader in leading the world with Crypto revolution.

Global Crypto Community with its many great features and a clear vision to bring an equilibrium in the world of cryptocurrencies has its eyes set in making the great African continent a crypto-friendly place. GCC has seen tremendous support from Asian countries and expects a similar greeting in Africa.

As government restrictions are slowly lifting, and cryptocurrency transforms into a more accepted mode of monetization. Even recently there has been a definite stance by Facebook to soften their hold on the crypto ads.

GCC’s call to one and all

Don’t you wish to be a part of a $282 billion project called Cryptocurrency?

Right from ICOs to STOs, right from being accepted nowhere to making heads turn everywhere.

The boom in cryptocurrencies is fast approaching, and it is an excellent time for all those who will be a part of it. However, it is necessary to understand that only experts in the field can be the fair judge of the which projects/ICOs will be making it big.

As the cryosphere is evolving at an exponential rate, the fate of the community is moving towards the creation of robust platforms that integrate both gamification and moderation.

“A Great, probably the greatest opportunity to learn a lot of profit and monetize your dreams. Each member will be richly rewarded, as they say ,unity is strength and unity gives the power to change everything to your favour.” Quoted the Lead team at GCC

GCC’s claim of future proofing the community

Right from contributors to experts to a massive army of miners. GCC also brings Power Node specialists from across the globe to ensure substantial clout in the cryptosphere.

It would be safe to say that GCC will be shaping up the crypto community in every aspect. GCC holds the key to unlock many possibilities that are still to be tapped by the others.

With implementation of the latest techniques future is as bright as the sun for the community. You are welcome to take part in the biggest crypto community of our times.

  • Global Crypto-community is the future of crypto sphere.
  • As there are many ICOs, the most secure way for stable returns and accountability is taking your contribution to the Crypto-community route.
  • With amazing features such as Staking, Master node and ICO POOL Mining, GCC has become a strong force to reckon with.
  • The growth of Global Crypto-community till this day has surpassed all projections.

GCC and their Promise to the Non-crypto World
“We believe that help should always be given at the earliest sign of trouble, we trust that human race is one big family and we are all part of one community”. Added Kim Hallend.

GCC believes in sharing help with the world with their promise of monetary sustenance. The company proclaims it will help people who have suffered from natural disasters. In the same regard Kim Hellend emotionally added that

“It is to be understood that humans are blocks and need to work as teams to support each other. Hence, forming a blockchain that’s incorruptible and peace loving. Only the decentralized network of blockchain will help eradicate the poverty of people. Such is the marvellous strength of Blockchain.”

Therefore, it becomes the duty of people to partake in the relief measures that help in the eradication of poverty from countries, and when a crypto based organisation aims to do that common folk can and should be a part of it. The simple aim to eradication and uproot penury is what drives this company. GCC has always been a flag bearer of the people who have lost everything due to cruel shocks that nature bestows upon us.

GCC africa is ready and it’s about time GCC enters other countries and help in shaping the country better and its people happy and satisfied. It’s only a matter of time when this crypto-community changes the world for the better one community at a time.

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