Email Archiving Analytics Platform for Extracting Knowledge from Business Communications Data

Independent email hosting provider Thexyz Inc has recently launched Email Archiving Analytics. This SaaS-based solution enables companies to proactively extract business insights from unstructured communications data. With this Analytics, companies now have the ability to preserve, access and gain insights from their most-used communication platform and take the necessary corresponding business actions. Using the insights delivered by Email Archiving Analytics, businesses can reveal potential threats in communications data before they escalate into larger problems. Email Archiving Analytics enables a wide range of insights, from productivity to benchmarking to protecting intellectual property and identifying interesting trends in communication. The platform not only supports risk mitigation and enforcement of policies but also utilizes machine learning to give unique insights into the ways employees and businesses collaborate.

Email for business remains the top form of internal and external communications, and while email archiving is a widespread corporate environment, many enterprises aren’t taking further steps to glean and act on insights from this rich trove of data. With View Analytics for Email Archiving, enterprises can go beyond preservation and search functionality, and gain a window into their communications via an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Email Archiving Analytics provides a never-before-possible view into an organization’s communications data. Users can analyze information around specific time periods or events, and validate that confidential data is not being leaked externally. The platform can proactively expose potential threats, flagging user-defined keywords and patterns, surfacing concerning trends, or identifying inappropriate content such as personally identifiable information. Email Archiving Analytics provides a single source of truth because it analyzes data that is stored in an unchangeable format, which cannot be manipulated by an end-user.

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Billions of emails are sent each day by businesses worldwide. While many of them are archived, the action most often ends there. With Email Archiving Analytics, companies can unlock the potential of communications data, providing intelligence to make smarter decisions while staying secure and compliant. To learn more about our email archiving solution, check us out on the web at

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