iFinancial to take advantage of Tatum’s Blockchain Api Platform

Following the launch of Tatum’s revolutionary Blockchain API Platform, International Financial System Ltd (“iFinancial”) have agreed to a global partnership with Tatum Limited (“Tatum”).

iFinancial is author and supplier of integrated real-time software solutions to banks and other financial institutions worldwide. The software reflects the diversity of the multi-faceted financial industry and provides a range of solutions that meet the needs of banks, credit unions, building societies, stockbrokers and other financial institutions.

iFinancial’s expertise lies in core banking, digital banking, anti-money laundering and PSD2 compliant cash management systems. Whilst the systems integrate seamlessly, one to the other they may also be used on a stand-alone basis to complement existing legacy solutions.

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The Tatum API Platform It is a game-changer in Blockchain evolution. It provides instant access to any Blockchain, through a ‘plug’n’play’ API, able to support all ledgers and digital assets. The Platform certifies all compliance, legal and accounting obligations, across multiple jurisdictions. It offers rapid time to market, by cutting development time from a typical eighteen months to under five days.

Will Banks, Tatum’s Chairman, said about the new partnership “iFinancial’s offering is well respected in the market and thus we are very excited to have joined forces with them. This partnership will be able to help more organizations offer robust and innovative technology solutions to their customers. Thanks to Tatum, over 25 banks and financial institutions will have access to cryptocurrency accounts, instant, and micropayments features. This is an exciting time for Tatum and for those organizations looking to build, compliant and cost-effective Blockchain solutions.”

Matthew Day, Director of iFinancial said ”Financial service businesses struggle to stay on top of the fast-moving frontier of new technologies, especially Blockchain/DLT, AI, and IoT. Our partnership will enable those businesses to have a complete state of the art solution. We are very excited to be working with Tatum”.

This is the second partnership that Tatum has engaged within recent months, having partnered with ‘BBFTA’ last month. The BBFTA is focused on working together with industry leaders from a broad range of sectors to create an association to represent and network the whole industry. The BBFTA built their loyalty progamme using Tatum’s Blockchain Platform in under six hours.

Tatum is Blockchain as a service provider. The Tatum Blockchain API platform provides instant access to all supported Blockchains, ledgers and digital assets in full compliance. Any organization, without the need of Blockchain experts, can build Blockchain based applications in a matter of days, which is incredible. Tatum’s platform has already attracted the interest of numerous financial institutions and other companies looking to leverage the Blockchain tech with extremely positive feedback. Tatum, who is serving Financial Institutions and Fintechs, is starting new verticals, such as IoT and gaming in alignment with its global expansion.”

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