Fluence BaaS and SCaaS: Integrating Distributed Ledger Technologies

Fluence.sh recently launched its BaaS/SCaaS platform. From now on, any developer, businessman, or entrepreneur can benefit from using Fluence.sh to enhance the productivity of their business. As a BaaS/SCaaS company, Fluence provides many valuable features for the community.

Fluence: Functionality, Steadiness, Speed, and Flow

Fluence is an API for new and existing technologies supporting technological development, smart-contract deployment, integration, and management.

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With the solutions provided by Fluence.sh, any web developer, business, or single entrepreneur can easily integrate technological advancements without the need to understand functionality, features, operational details, or infrastructure.

Providing users with functionality, sustainability, speed, and flow, Fluence accelerates the business workflow and practice through implementation of the latest technology. The team of professionals ensures full-cycle support in the following areas:

● distributed ledger platform choice and integration (public net node deployment and utilization, creation of chain forks, state tracking, dApp deployment)

● smart-contract utilization (also offering a smart-contract library with existing templates)

● financial transaction flow (transaction operation support within different platforms, and digital wallet creation with applied functions)

● a user-interface establishment with the highest existing functionality

Problems Fluence Solves

Setting up and configuring a public or permissioned fork is not an easy task. It requires a lot of fine-tuning and DevOps efforts before it can go live. Fluence offers a solution for setting the distributed ledger infrastructure.

Fluence provides the ability to customize the desired network chain with a few clicks of the mouse through an intuitive user interface.

Another issue that needs to be resolved is the security of smart contracts. Most cases for smart-contract use full under one of ten, or at most 20, patterns. With that said, developers across the globe have to develop their smart contracts over and over again.

Fluence aggregates proved templates for the most-used smart contracts and places them in an environment where users can easily set up and deploy smart contracts for their needs.

Multi-functional Fluence Layers

Distributed ledger API layers are deployed and run on a private infrastructure or client infrastructure, connected to both mainnets as well as private networks per the client’s choice.

Fluence distributed ledger Launcher is a wizard for simply launching a private database network with the ability to customize via Terraform with a YAML configuration file. Monitoring tools included. Smart-contract templates + Marketplace make it possible to upload your own smart contract.

For developers, the following is required:

● audit of their SC

● support in SC redesign to implement flexibility for users

● commission of purchase will be shared between developers and platform in X/X proportion

Auto-generated SDK is generated from smart-contract ABI JSON, including detailed how-to documentation on smart-contract workflows.

For more information, contact the Applicature team.

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