Nobel Laureate And Stanford Faculty Join Hands With Tier3D Team

Milpitas, California: Tier3D, a Silicon Valley company, is ramping up its team in anticipation of its crowdfunding Indiegogo campaign for a novel suite of AI-powered gadgets.

Tier3D’s expanded team now includes Nobel Laureate Brian Josephson, a theoretical physicist and professor emeritus of physics at the University of Cambridge. He is currently the director of the Mind-Matter Unification Project of the Theory of Condensed Matter at the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge. His research in evolutionary approaches to AI is a precursor to how Tier3D has now realized a software architecture that can scale to the entire Human Mind, and consequently to model the entire universe. Prof. Josephson’s explorations in extensible artificial intelligence based physics models have also been given form in Tier3D’s patents filed on the Physics Computer that will set the basis for the next generation of technology for physical computing.

Tier3D is also proud to welcome on its team, Dr. Dan Riskin, a surgeon and healthcare artificial intelligence expert in Biomedical Informatics Research at Stanford University. Dr. Riskin is an entrepreneur who has shaped healthcare policy in the US, and his companies, such as Health Fidelity, have influenced the care of millions of patients by utilizing the Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence to healthcare information.

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Shalender Singh, CEO of Tier3D, said “We are delighted to include these two stalwarts on our team of advisors. I have had the pleasure of interacting with Prof. Josephson for several years on topics of physics and artificial intelligence and to have such a visionary on our team is a strong endorsement of our intellectual property. I have also had a professional working relationship with Dr. Riskin on using NLP and AI in healthcare, and his joining our team is a clear endorsement for our ability to deliver on what we promise”

Srini Srinivasan, CMO of Tier3D, announced that “Tier3D is gearing up for our crowdfunding campaign to be released this week on Indiegogo. We are showcasing a suite of AI-powered devices such as an intelligent Watch, an Augmented-Reality Phone, and a Mixed Reality glass. These gadgets can be used as intuitive assistants in every facet of your life, such as speeding up the creation of high-quality presentations & documents, literally at the Speed of Thought.”Vishnupriya Singh, the COO of Tier3D affirmed that “We have ensured that the novel Tier3D designs are very realizable. Indeed the integrated solution is unique, yet every single part of it is easily buildable. As a company, we have plenty of experience in designing and building hardware & software products for demanding clients and we are confident of delighting our customer base with these novel offerings.”

To register interest in crowdfunding the Tier3D products, please visit us at, or send email to [email protected]

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