Former Rothschilds Banker joins PlatinumDEX ICO to build secure crypto currency exchanges

Veteran Investment Banker from the City of London and former Executive Director at Rothschilds and ING Baring’s, Rosamund Blomfield-Smith, has joined as Chairman at PlatinumDEX.

Against the background of $ 1.3 billion of cryptocurrency stolen in the first six months of 2018 and nearly 80% of all crypto thefts occurring on an exchange, PlatinumDEX is launching their ICO to fund a global network of the most secure exchange platforms. PlatinumDEX will be transparent, compliant and regulated, bringing security and stability to the historically volatile crypto financial market. Using hybrid blockchain cybersecurity coupled with machine learning, PlatinumDEX aims to provide the most secure and most transparent exchange ever.

"The PlatinumDEX founders and team have between them an enormous wealth of experience in the FINTECH sector with blue-chip organizations; and are completely committed to the highest standards of corporate governance, management, and customer service. The exchange will be built from the ground up to be as impervious to attack as is possible. The business will operate to the highest regulatory standards including proper Know Your Client, Anti-Money Laundering and Anti -Terrorist Financing protocols.”

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Rosamund Blomfield-Smith Chairman PlatinumDEX

The cryptocurrency market has grown from when the first decentralized cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was created in 2009 (by pseudonymous developer Satoshi Nakamoto) to a daily market cap of over US $200 billion, having been as high as the US $800 billion at the peak of the market. In time, cryptocurrency is expected to become the dominant means of financing trade between markets. While the bear market has continued for months, there is potential for much greater adoption in the coming months and years. To achieve that potential, there needs to be changed within the industry to address the challenges.

One of the most important of these is security. When the security issues are addressed, the industry has the potential for expansion from the current US$200 billion per day of trading towards the US$5 trillion per day FOREX market by 2020 – with obvious impact on the fortunes of the cryptocurrency exchanges.

The PlatinumDEX objective is to create the world’s most secure, hybrid distributed-decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, providing a secure environment, in which crypto and fiat currencies can be handled on a single regulated, licensed platform.

“Many cryptocurrency exchanges have been operating with poor levels of security. Security is fundamental to the success of a currency exchange. An exchange must be proofed not only against outside attack (the hacker) but also against internal threats (the so-called ‘inside job’). We have the capability to deliver this security to the traders, on a regulated and licensed Exchange managed and run by some of the most capable experts in the world.”

Alexander Rogan Founder and Chief Executive Officer

PlatinumDEX will be hosted and maintained on our custom servers across our distributed dark sites. The exchange engine is cutting edge technology, which will provide a market leading trading speed. PlatinumDEX will be a secure cryptocurrency exchange business providing a competitively priced platform for traders in the digital asset market. It is being built from the ground up, to be as impervious to attack as is possible and it will operate to the highest regulatory standards, including proper Know Your Client, Anti-Money Laundering and Anti -Terrorist Financing protocols.

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