Tier3D MindNet is the world’s first social media based Artificial Intelligence Marketplace

Tier3D, a Silicon Valley company is creating a crowdsourced Artificial Intelligence cloud and a radical new design for a phone, watch, & Mixed Reality glass combined with a social media based AI Marketplace called Tier3D MindNet. This social media portal uses AI to help make social associations and targeted marketing. Using MindNet you can share content and games with people. You can also use MindNet to publish apps, games and AI algorithms to monetize them.

Vishnupriya Singh, the COO and a founder of Tier3D explained that “Tier3D MindNet is an AI driven social media platform, which is also a marketplace for AI. The extensive AI on the Mind* cloud allows high accuracy modeling of associations between people and content with people. MindNet allows you to share your experiences, captures, & games to support Mixed Reality compositions. It also allows you to publish commercial games, content, and models and monetize them. For those who want to contribute or monetize their expertise in AI, Tier3D MindNet allows you to upload AI algorithms and test them on the large sets in the captured database. These algorithms can be published and leased by others to create content and games.”

Shalender Singh, the CEO and a founder of Tier3D elaborated that “Tier3D MindNet is a window to the Mind* cloud. It gives you the status of the games you are participating in, social & sharing notifications, and whatever people share with you. You can customize the MindNet interface and specify what you need using the AI dialog bot. MindNet creates quick access custom views based on your interaction with the AI bot.”

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Srini Srinivasan (noted silicon valley investor) and a founder of Tier3D added that “You can share AI driven engaging content like ‘gamified’ video captures, models and apps using MindNet, which allow your friends to not only see but also experience your experience. MindNet is also a first of its kind artificial intelligence marketplace, which allows rapid progress in technology and apps through crowdsourced AI and models.”

For more info visit us at https://ww.tier3d.com or email to [email protected]

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