Tier3D Artificial Intelligence does things for you even before you think about doing them

Tier3D, a Silicon Valley company is creating a crowdsourced Artificial Intelligence cloud and a radical new design for a phone, watch, & Mixed Reality glass, which along with their MindComplete assistant does things for you even before you think about doing them.

Shalender Singh, the CEO and a founder of Tier3D explained that “Tier3D Mind* cloud learns and stores models of everything in the world, including your interaction with the apps and your day to day work. Its AI prediction module takes in visual information around you, and information from various sources on the web, along with the information on your PC or laptop, to create short-term and long-term associations. This allows micro-level prediction of what you are likely to need and what you may want to do. For example, let’s say that you verbally promised to create a presentation about renewable energy. The Tier3DWatch listens to it and passes the information to the MindComplete assistant, which starts gathering the data and starts composing a presentation even before you start to work on it. Another example is: Let’s say that you send an invoice your client XYZ at the end of every month based on the hours worked for them. The Tier3DWatch keeps track of the time and generate a draft invoice even before you start working on it.”

Srini Srinivasan (noted silicon valley investor) and a founder of Tier3D elaborated that “MindComplete can improve your productivity by 10x – 100x depending upon how much you interact with the Tier3D gadgets. With Tier3D compatible AI applications, you can run a small and highly productive office by yourself, by just ticking yes to all the auto-completed tasks. MindComplete is the future of utility applications. This is AI meets GTD”

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Vishnupriya Singh, the COO and a founder of Tier3D added that “Tier3D watch, phone, and glass have a very important role in understanding and associating your real-world context with the application context. The MindComplete interface allows you to use the power of the Mind* cloud for auto-doing many of the tasks you need to do manually now. It is also a window into our marketplace for our Mind* AI app creator ecosystem to help you further simplify your work. For more info visit us at https://ww.tier3d.com or email to [email protected]

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