GiftList Launches Version 2.0 to Help Organize Gift Giving for Christmas is pleased to release an updated and improved version of the gift planning app introduced late last year. The application can be found online at, on the Apple store at, or on the Google Play store at

With this update, GiftList adds the “I’m Buying” section to help users view and manage the gifts that they’ve reserved from loved ones’ lists and make sure they buy everything before Christmas. Searching for gifts has also become easier with the integration of Amazon, Walmart, and other major brands to directly search those sites and add items to a user’s own GiftList or add it as a suggestion on a loved ones’ list.

With GiftList’s new Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox Extensions saving gift ideas is made simple and easy directly on a web browser. Once the extension is installed users can add any product from any site directly to their lists so friends and family know what they want and where to buy it.

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About GiftList:

GiftList was built to help streamline gift-giving by helping users manage what they want and what they are getting for friends/family. GiftList is the only gift registry app that includes group chat so friends/family can plan together what to get for a loved one.

Built by the development team at Grappetite, a multi-national app, and web development company, the app comes out of 11 years of experience building products for ourselves and for clients around the world.

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