SpotnRides Taxi App Solution Gives a Chance for You to Take Your Taxi Startup to the Next level

SpotnRides is our standalone on-demand taxi booking app which has helped many taxi startups to compete at the international level.

SpotnRides is built by the software development firm, Uplogic technologies. They have a good hold overbuilding on-demand app solution which comprises multiple interfaces. What separates Uplogic from other firms is that their products including SpotnRides are on a par with the international level apps.

SpotnRides taxi app is basically a clone of the most coveted Uber taxi app. SpotnRides is available as a ready-built solution with all the fundamental features you have seen in Uber. It is not a copy of Uber, instead, it is built from scratch like Uber. The advanced coding language and designs used in building SpotnRides make it flexible enough to absorb any kind of customization.

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Now, Uplogic technologies are looking to combine with some serious taxi startups to launch taxi app and make them one among the inevitable group of taxi companies like Uber, Ola, and Lyft. We jumped into this spree of joining with exciting entrepreneurs ever since our flagship product SpotnRides was revamped to suit the new on-demand era.

Our long-term goal is to be one of the top producers of on-demand taxi booking apps by making a few internal nation-level taxi startups using SpotnRides. I believe that we have every right to say this because of our conviction over the SpotnRides taxi solution.” – CEO, Uplogic technologies.

A slew of incentives is provided to those immediately partnering with them to get their taxi app. Some of them are,

  • The discount of the basic solution price
  • Free deployment
  • Free after-sales assistance for some time
  • Lifetime support
  • 100% source code
  • Unencrypted purchase.

For the question on what is different in SpotnRides that it makes a taxi startup to go international, is answered by their official spokesperson.

While building the base SpotnRides solution we kept in mind to add only the most necessary features of Uber and spare no thought to add some functions that are not present in other taxi apps. Location sharing, taxi plate no. the remainder, the driver no. sharing, split fare, long-distance seat sharing, are some unique functions in SpotnRides.” – Official Spokesperson, Uplogic technologies.

Since their inception some years ago, many of their client’s startups have reached what you would call as international level.

Looking to join them and help reach their milestone? Then connect with them to talk and know more about SpotnRides.

About SpotnRides

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