Griprose introduces the most innovative solution to all of your fastening problems

Taking off and putting up lights, fans, and other decor items from your walls and ceilings is a task that no one really looks forward to doing, considering just how tedious of tasks these are. Keeping track of all the screws you need to place, handling adhesives that don’t really do what they are supposed to do, and living your life with your breath always on the edge as you fear that your stunning yet admittedly expensive lamp might just fall off and crash onto the floor.

Griprose Oy is set to change the grain with arguably the best fastening solution currently available on the market, ready to launch a brand new product that is set to revolutionize the fastening scene with a simplistic and idiot-proof solution. The Griprose Snap lock comprises of two components which can be used to attach home and office decor items by simply pushing them into place. Upon hearing the distinctive sound of a click or snap, you can rest assured that it will only be detached when you disassemble the snaplock.

Based in Helsinki, Finland, Griprose Oy is a startup firm constantly on the lookout to invest in and introduce innovative solutions to everyday problems that are much more efficient than their traditional alternatives. The Griprose lock builds off on the same principle, with the goal to make fastening and the attachment and detachment of equipment, and home and office decor an absolute breeze of a task.

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The CEO of Griprose Oy, Sami Yikahri believes that his company’s newfound solution has the potential to completely change the way an average individual thinks about fastening as rather than assembling and changing ceiling lamps and fans being a laborious and tedious job, it will become a matter of a few seconds.

“The mechanical Griprose is now tested and available. The Griprose team is available to discuss and demo their realized vision with business owners and OEM manufacturers alike. The next step is a Kickstarter campaign in March 2019 to accelerate to product development of adaptive connectivity. Our vision includes electricity, data, and optical fiber integrations to Griprose in 2020”, says Ylikahri.

The Griprose Snap lock has been tested to be able to fasten up to as many as 10,000 times with only a single unit that is no larger than the palm of your hand. Despite its insignificant size, the Griprose lock is a picture of reliability and durability as it is able to support the hanging weight of up to a thousand kilograms.

With the Griprose Snap lock, you no longer have to keep track of your screws or worry about screwing anything in. In fact, this innovative locking mechanism performs the most optimum attachment job without any involvement of rotation but can be integrated with electricity and data regardless. Needless to say, attachment and detachment with Griprose will be done all in a snap!

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