Shocking… New Age Flight Tracker Doing Everything Different

Reviewing Airline Bound, the Only Online Flight Tracking Website that Tracks Real-time Flight Status on an Azimuthal Equidistant Map

Airline Bound is new to the Aviation Industry whilst making history as being the first flight tracking data company that uses the same style map as the United Nations logo. This unique approach in real time provides information on current weather conditions, flight status, airline fleet data, departure and arrival position for all commercial Airline Companies. The services are currently available for Android, Safari and Windows operating systems. The website’s engine can navigate seamlessly through thousands of flight data points and combined with Airline Bound’s strong in-built, responsive and steadfast web-based interface will surely impress the curious user. In addition to data feeds that yield the most proficient and valuable flight tracing applications and services the interface reflects the azimuthal equidistant map with flight icon showing the Aircraft’s current coordinates.

The tracking page interface allows the user to enter the desired airport and track all current flights. Once the respective flight is selected the corresponding information is displayed at the top followed by current speed in knots, flight altitude in feet along with the instructive azimuthal map. Airline Bound is well positioned to become a critical cutting-edge hub in a ‘New Age’ air travel ecosystem for decades to come.

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The company strives on the motto to serve its customers needs by providing the real-time flight tracking services that they can trust. The aim of the association is to promote the widespread use of this technology on the face of this Earth. The website allows all new users 5 free queries before offering a low starting monthly subscription of just 2$ for Silver level and 5$ for the Gold level subscription that allows you access to all areas within the site. Any ongoing funding accumulated will be further used for innovation and development of a completely new map package to support features of this futuristic technology.

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