Have You Checked the Video Gallery Extension Developed By eTatvaSoft yet?

eTatvaSoft, a Magento development company, recently introduced an engaging extension for their end clients. The main objective to develop the extension was to make the product additionally convincing with attractive recordings. As a result, Video Gallery extension allows you to transfer video documents from a PC gadget or install them from online video sharing systems like YouTube, Vimeo, and so forth.

Key features of Video Gallery to take into account:
• Include multiple videos and join them to explicit Products
• View, alter or debilitate videos from a unified back-end
• Multi-store and Multi-lingual help
• Add an infinite number of videos.
• Inserting gallery via CMS, layout, and widgets.
• Enter gallery title to display in the block
• Organize video positions accordingly

The company responded well to their client’s requirement by offering an interactive, highly-functional, and a hassle-free extension.

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The Magento based extension turned out to be genuine and offered a flawless way to develop products. Let’s find out how?

• Adding Videos- Adding educational and helpful recordings to display your products becomes easy than ever. The innovative video gallery enables clients to quickly see item subtleties they may not have noticed if they did not try to watch the video.

• Transfer video from the computer- One can easily add videos by transferring them from your PC straight away; it can be anything like transferring a media recording in Mp4 design. Also, one can implant videos from social video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. It spares your battle of perusing and transferring documents from PCs.

• View, Edit, or Disable Videos- Viewing, altering or debilitate recordings with a single click becomes easy. A developer can easily watch out for the videos they most frequently watch and add to item pages with the goal that they can be expelled on an immediate basis.

• Redo Video Title and Description- All you require doing is compose a custom title and description for the video that you aim to transfer or install to a page. It enables the clients to comprehend what the item is about. This will increase perspectives and commitment to the purchase.

For further details visit the link – https://marketplace.magento.com/etatvasoft-module-videogallery.html

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