Tatum Introduces Micropayments Infrastructure

Tatum Introduces Micropayments Infrastructure

Tatum Limited (“Tatum”), London, introduces a micropayments infrastructure to support the ‘New Economy’ and ‘Industry 4.0’.

These notions reinforce the augmentation of machines, physical devices and everyday objects, with web connectivity to a system, can visualise an entire production chain, together with communicating and interacting with others over the Internet, together with making decisions on their own.

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This 4th industrial revolution, encourages new, high-growth industries, which are on the cutting edge of technology, which will be the driving force of economic growth.

Leveraging Blockchain and digital assets, micropayment is a feature built into Tatum’s flagship product, the ‘Tatum Blockchain API platform’. The Tatum Blockchain API platform enables any organization to develop and run apps with Blockchain and digital assets support in less than 5 days.

Micropayments can be processed on the platform in less than a second, with zero fees and scales of over 10,000 transactions per second, enabling organisations to effectively work with a myriad of payment streams. Micropayments and payments streams bring a paradigm shift to not only the media industry but to the ‘Internet of Things’, ‘Smart Buildings’ and ‘Smart Cities’.

Jiri Kobelka, Tatum’s CEO said of this new feature "Imagine, now we can be charged for using any time or volume based service, on any device, at every second, whether this be watching Netflix, use the meeting room in a shared office or parking a car in the city".

Tatum Limited (https://tatum.io) is Blockchain as a service provider. Tatum Blockchain API platform provides developers instant access to all supported Blockchains, ledgers and digital assets in full compliance. Any organisation, without the need of Blockchain experts, can build Blockchain based applications in less than 5 days instead of 18-24 months. Tatum’s platform has already attracted the interest of numerous financial institutions and other companies looking to leverage the Blockchain tech with extremely positive feedback. Tatum Limited, who is serving financial institutions and fintechs, is starting new verticals such as IoT and gaming in alignment with its global expansion.

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