Heliocor Partners with LAN2LAN to deliver AML/KYC offerings globally.

Heliocor, an emerging regulation technology company based in London, UK today announced that they have signed a partnership agreement with LAN2LAN Limited based in Leatherhead, England, United Kingdom for professional services and implementation of their AML/KYC offerings.

The agreement will help utilize Heliocor to take advantage of LAN2LAN’s network infrastructure design and implementation skills. These provide support right across the Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Secure Wireless, Mobility and CyberSecurity spectrum offering Heliocor’s clients huge flexibility to strengthen their Due Diligence solutions. Heliocor’s solution makes it easier than ever to harness the increased efficiencies, greater security and lower costs associated with processing fraud detection during transactions, KYC and AML checks, without needing to make significant changes to existing infrastructure.

“As businesses evolve, fraud detection and the safeguarding of digital identity will play an increasingly important role globally,” said Pankaj Vekria, Commercial Director of LAN2LAN. “Collaborating with Heliocor on the infrastructure and professional services level will allow us to expand our business, enabling our financial institution clients to enjoy RoboliticsTM integrated fraud detection and Dokstor’s seamless KYC & AML to protect them.”

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“Today, suppliers have to balance their own regulation preference with the preferences of their customers’ compliance department – and those two preferences don’t always sync up,” said Vikas Tripathi, Managing Director of Heliocor. “RoboliticsTM is designed as a real-time Monitoring, Alerting & Reporting platform providing Cross Asset Class and Cross Regulation surveillance, integrating them into a single platform. Dokstor is designed to improve the process, simplifying the document gathering and sharing the process and removing much of the traditional frustrations associated with the capture of documents for KYC and AML onboarding. Creating this type of seamless customer experience in the B2B space is extremely important to us and the wider industry.”

About Heliocor

Heliocor’s mission is to radically reduce and potentially eliminate the $300 billion annual cost of fraud globally by building an anti-fraud ecosystem based on its existing products.

Today, Heliocor’s core product is RoboliticsTM, a high-speed data analytics engine, that helps financial institutions manage their compliance more effectively and much more cheaply than other solutions. Its proven technology, using AI, neural networks and machine learning, is working in Tier 1, 2 and 3 financial institutions today.

Heliocor also supports clients with Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML)) onboarding via its Dokstor software which uses blockchain encryption. Dokstor is available as an API (linked to RoboliticsTM) and as a standalone App (in the Play andApp Stores).

Combining the two developed and delivered products, two more developing products, with the leveraging the power of blockchain, Heliocor intends to build world’s first global anti-fraud ecosystem to radically reduce and potentially eliminate identity fraud.


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