Janeous, Tech HR Startup Humanizing Digital Recruiting, Announces Its Platform Went Live

Today Janeous announced that its platform went live. Janeous is a live video matchmaking marketplace that utilizes advanced algorithms to match companies and candidates for live digital interviews. Their hiring ecosystem promotes interpersonal connections and alleviates barriers to recruitment, reducing hiring costs and time-to-hire.

By bringing together companies of all sizes from around the world, Janeous can maximize their visibility to a cross-section of candidates. Complex algorithm matching and intuitive interview scheduling replace time-consuming search processes like candidate sourcing and job hunting. Janeous’ video conferences are divided into 10 or 20-minute slots to promote better time-management and help eliminate typical HR scheduling snafus.

With the aim of supporting diversity hiring initiatives, Janeous promotes unbiased interviews for companies wishing to boost their diversity credentials. If a company chooses this option, candidates’ profiles are anonymized during the matching stage, until both parties meet during the interview.

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"We want to make it easier for companies and candidates to find – and meet – one another, from anywhere in the world. Janeous’ role is to provide a hiring process that is simple, smooth, and delightful and that starts at the very beginning of the search," shares Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Shana Lynde. "Employment and recruitment are changing rapidly in the face of new technologies, and we wanted to offer a flexible, transformative model for hiring that can evolve with the times."

In recent years, the average cost of hiring an employee has risen to $4,000, and the average time to hire is 4-9 weeks. Eighty-seven percent of talent say that a positive interview experience can change their mind about a role or company they once doubted, which is why human interaction is so vital in an HR technology solution. For brands, this presents a new opportunity to address the most time-intensive and costly aspects of the recruitment and hiring processes. In an industry that is primarily automated by machines, Janeous is well-positioned to facilitate the rise of tech-based recruitment coupled with human interaction.

“We want to reshape recruitment for both sides so they can spend time focusing on what matters most: their new hire or their new job. Thanks to our disruptive model, it is our hope that Janeous will become a global market leader, hosting digital conferences 24/7 in every major city around the world. Our ultimate goal is to help companies hire better and faster while connecting candidates with well-matched companies in record time,” Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Shana Lynde.


Janeous’ forward-thinking solution merges algorithm-based talent matching of hiring professionals and job seekers with interactive interviews. The ecosystem includes computer matching, live video interviews, diversity advancement options, dual feedback system, and tools for moving to the next steps, off-platform.


Shana Lynde, [email protected]

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