Home Mesh Wi-Fi Router Explained

You only have one WiFi router in your home and Wifi signal doesn’t reach all areas of your home. When you sit on your couch, the Wi-Fi on your laptop cuts out? Or when you’re in the bathroom your phone refuses to connect. If you need Wifi coverage in every corner of your house, then a Nova MW5 Mesh Wifi system from Tenda can help. What is a Mesh Wifi Router?

What is Mesh Network?

As a technology, Mesh Network has been around for a long time, mostly used by the military, hospitals, and for large-scale commercial applications. Mesh WiFi systems are a bunch of wireless interconnected routers that act as one router to cover a large area with WiFi signal. Nova MW5 Home Mesh WiFi routers from Tenda bring this technology to your home blanketing floors, previous dead zones, attics, basements, garages, and even large yards with the same WiFi signal.

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When you try to connect to Tenda Nova MW5 Mesh router, your mobile device or laptop will connect to the strongest signals. As you move around, your mobile device or laptop could hop off one router and onto a now stronger signal router. This hopping on and off happens pretty quickly and should seem seamless to you. It is like talking on your cell phone while driving. As you move away from the range of a cell tower, the next one up takes over the call without missing a beat.

The configuration of the Mesh Wi-Fi router

The setup process and management is tool are user-friendly, Tenda Nova MW5 Mesh WiFi systems have mobile apps to configure though most are so easy to set up now you simply connect the main system to your main Internet connection via an ethernet cord the pair the other satellite routers up with your main router. Once they’re configured you do all your network management from an app, including rebooting the router, creating guest networks, and so on

Expansion of Mesh WiFi Router

Tenda Nova MW5s Mesh WiFi systems also let you expand as you need to grow. You can easily add more satellite systems and expand your WiFi coverage further and further.

If you have a home between 2,000 and 3,600 square feet to make the most use of the kit. Nova MW5 also good for houses built out of old brick, with plaster walls, or any other building material that blocks Wi-Fi signals. Thanks to MRC technology, improves WiFi transmission, increasing wall penetration and distributing much broader WiFi signal.

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