Introducing Dominium: The Über of Real Estate

Want to make a smart investment in a real estate platform with minimum risk? Become a participant at the Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) event for Dominium, the Über of Real Estate on August 9th, 13:00 CET (1 pm -3 pm). Prizes of 12,500 DOM tokens in total will be awarded to participants in the amounts of 5,000 DOM, 3,500 DOM, 2,500 DOM, 1,000 DOM and 500 DOM for the top 5 questions.

Dominium is a multi-lingual property platform using blockchain technology that helps real estate professionals, authorities, organizations and investors succeed through a global centralized marketplace for all property related activities. During their upcoming AMA event on Reddit, a winning question could touch on any of these areas. You can increase your chances to win by sharing a true story that motivates your question.

Winners will be determined by question popularity, as well as by relevance and quality. To participate you must have (or sign-up for) a Reddit user account. And to be eligible to win you must register at the Dominium website since DOM tokens are not Ethereum-based and can only be transferred to registered users.

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To enter their AMA contest, simply visit the Dominium AMA Reddit post on August 9th, 13:00 CET and ask your questions (or do it now). You are not limited to how many questions you can ask.

Mark Lloyd, Managing Director of Dominium says, “We decided to create this contest to get valuable feedback from our community and to explain in detail what Dominium’s vision is and how the tokenomics work. We believe Dominium is one of the best ITOs on the upcoming calendar.”

More than just winning free DOM tokens, you’ll learn what the future holds for the real estate industry and how to use the Dominum platform as a home seller, regulator or investor.

After nearly 200 years in the real estate business, German firm Munte Immobilien and Max Property Group created Dominium using the Ardor blockchain system. Virtually all money raised from their ITO (Initial token Offering) will be used to buy residential and/or commercial property. This will make the company self-sufficient and increase token value by using the rental income to buy back and burn DOM tokens.

Final decisions on winning entries will be made by the forum moderator acting as an independent third-party judge. Winners of token prizes will be announced the day after the event through an email message sent through the Dominum platform to all registered Dominium users.

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