How to Build a Time Machine – a Kickstarter project

Science fiction and time travel fans will soon have something new to enjoy. "How to Build a Time Machine" is a marvelous book being funded on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website.

This book provides an enormous amount of intriguing information about time travel, self-resolving temporal causality, artificial and anti-gravity, an alien civilization called the Luyteni, fusion power generation, and detailed instructions on how to build a time machine.

Unlike many similar books, How to Build a Time Machine explores the subject from a true physics perspective, dealing with such topics as particle physics, stabilized singularities, gravimetric fields, and light-spectrum communication across the vastness of space.

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The book is written from the perspective of two small New York publishers who are contacted by one John J. Clifton, a "temporal specialist" from the year 2151. In addition to first-person interviews, Clifton provides future historical data files, as well as participates in a technical interview with a physicist and a mathematician.

Readers who enjoy true science fiction and contemplating the possibility of time travel will enjoy this work immensely.


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