Steven Fenzl Looking to Make History with CDSRVS Expanding to More Territories

Steven Fenzl is the president of CDSRVS, LLC., a welding company that has grown from a relatively small company to become one of the leading service providers of assembly and distribution services for the waste industry. CDSRVS, LLC is aiming to set another record in 2018 with new operations coming online in Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina. The planned expansion further reiterates the company’s goal of making the world a better place one state at a time.

CDSRVS, LLC, started out as a small plastic welding company more than two decades ago. At the helm of affairs was Steve Fenzl, an ambitious and innovative individual that was looking to grow his business by identifying large volumes of plastic items that could be repaired. He consequently identified across a need in the waste industry to repair cracked and broken plastic carts and the rest they say is history.

Steve’s desire to grow his business as well as make the environment safer and healthier led to his company, CDSRVS, welding thousands of plastic carts for the nation’s largest waste and recycling companies. This made Steve and CDSRVS major stakeholders in the waste and recycling industry.

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Noticing the need for a service provider who could provide assembly and distribution services for the delivery of the new carts, Steven Fenzl used his expertise in organization, logistics, and technology, to help his company stand out as an organized professional service provider that excelled at logistics and data management.

Steven also delved into waste management in Southern California, providing long-term, permanent container management services to their largest residential collection operation in the country, with services including on-street cart delivery, removal and exchanges, cart washing, poly-welding, inventory management, and warranty processing.

It did not take long for Steve to realize that providing container management services could be more cost-effective, and he was able to do this by maximizing their container assets by poly-welding broken carts, washing and repairing carts that were previously discarded, and processing and claiming all broken carts under warranty.

CDSRVS has grown to become a major player not only in the logistics industry but also in the waste recycling industry. CDSRVS currently operates in several states including California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, and New Mexico. The company has also announced plans to expand operations to Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina.

CDSRVS’s major achievement in the container management industry is the development of a GPS software platform that provides photographic service verification. Steve’s technology-driven innovation helped to create the industry’s only container management-specific software program, enabling CDSRVS to provide over 400,000 work orders in 2017 at a 99.56% accuracy rate.

As an industry leader, Steve continues to grow CDSRVS and CMG across the United States and is working to provide innovative and creative solutions to the waste and recycling industry. 2018 will be another record-setting year for CDSRVS with new operations coming online in Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina.


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