How To Keep Your Savings And Increase Them Without Risk?

Today there is more and more talk about cryptocurrency as an alternative way of investment and earning additional income. What offers are to be trusted? Let’s take a look at the real example

The number of different cryptocurrencies is growing every day. There are more and more farms mining their coins. On the wave of universal popularity cryptocurrency is created from nothing – the main thing is this beautiful site, more or less adequate legend, wide promotion, and customers begin to go. But is it safe? As when buying a coin, the investor gives real money, and in return gets something unknown that promises to bring greater profit. However, all of this is associated with great risks.

Before transferring your money, you need to examine the coin nature. Namely, to look, if there is already a project or it is only created, if the company has its own assets, project team, experience, etc. As a rule, more than 85% of all ICO projects do not exist in reality – it’s either business plans or just a collection of money, which eventually turns into a financial pyramid with a sad ending.

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A successful ICO project should have a large and strong team, a real business that they plan to develop, their own start-up funds and assets on the company balance. This approach was chosen by the creators of Reger Diamond Security Token, which was the ICO result of the company Reger Diamond. Its team consists of people with more than 20 years of experience in the diamond business, and the ICO is needed to develop the production of diamonds, brilliants and jewelry based on the existing company in the Czech Republic. Having invested in the project initial investments, RDS Token from the very beginning of ICO is 100% secured by real assets of the company – diamonds and brilliants. Honesty and transparency of the project were placed by the project developers at the forefront. The investor can be sure that by investing in the project it will not lose its funds. At any time, RDS Token can be exchanged for other currencies. And this significantly reduces the risks to investors. It is a tool that allows only earning while being confident in the safety of own funds.

Today RDS Token – is a unique offer for investors. It combines advantages of the diamond business, such as stability, reliability, systematic growth with the qualities of cryptocurrency business – dynamics, rapid growth, openness. All these qualities, combining, create synergy that will provide RDS Token stable growth and reliability. That is why according to the smart-contract concluded with Reger Diamond, the investor receives a guaranteed profit of 20% at the end of each year. This profit is guaranteed by diamonds, which are the main asset of the company. And with the release of RDS Token on the cryptocurrency exchange, the investor will have an additional profit by the rate growth.

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