Millions of Lines of Code Offered on Open Platform Model for Healthcare Industry

There are many secrets in the software development industry. Even more so when it comes to servicing the growing online needs of the healthcare industry. When it comes to complexity, the healthcare industry has systemic and functional needs that require the most rigorous intelligent designs. No wonder large organizations have their own IT departments dedicated to the analytics of building functional and practical solutions. Is it surprising that software developers guard their intellectual property behind walls of privacy?

The demands are so vast that, even with their own IT departments the healthcare industry adopts existing applications. There are many software solutions out there and the freeware model is not new. There are even companies that offer blocks of code. But the functionality of this freeware is deliberately limited and building a system out of blocks is like trying to live in a house made out of Lego. The requirements, practices and compliance requirements of the healthcare industry make off-the-shelf software an unviable prospect.

Add to this the fact that the larger an organization is, the more demanding and complex their requirements become. There is a healthy supply of software development companies servicing medical practices that excel in meeting security, financial management, database, admin, privacy and compliance needs, who are also fully certified to deliver these solutions. Here’s the problem: you can get a pre-fabricated house design and then discover that when you put it on your block of land all of the main windows face west. The danger is software installed and then it becomes apparent with use that it doesn’t actually fit operational needs. Many companies have difficulty adopting new systems because of this inherent problem.

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No two businesses are the same. Every business has an internal structure that creates policies and procedures unique to them. This feature distends as a company grows, particularly in the area of medicine. There are certainly software packages that allow specialist medical practices to adapt their standard templates and branding. Like choosing a modular home that is customizable – you can change the package, choose from a selection of designs, customize it to suit your needs and fit your location. However, you are still restricted to the architectural design of the builders and no matter how customizable the forms, sometimes it just doesn’t solve the specific functional needs of specialist practices. The intellectual property remains with the software builders and the only changes you can make are the ones they allow.

But imagine if you were given superior designs and materials and then told you were allowed to bring in your own architect. This is what iTWorkS open platform allows – unrestricted access to some of the most complex medical software coding available. The advantages are enormous, particularly for large-scale specialist practices. Rather than trying to fit your system into someone else’s space, your IT specialists – who know best what your business needs – have unfettered access to iTWorkS coding and can modify it to fit your business family needs. There are no restrictions and no secrets.

This is how iTWorkS open platform licensing model works.

Claydata is currently rolling out the iTWorkS integrated practice management system with Australia’s leading cardiac health provider. The benefits are outstanding: this leading global health provider will extrapolate an annual saving of $1.8 million, simply by automating 25 minutes of daily manual procedures across 16 admin points within their practices. Taking risks with innovation does pay off.

Claydata, is releasing iTWorkS to the healthcare industry on the 26th of September by an Expression of Interest for the acquisition of its license. Claydata is inviting leading healthcare institutions and their IT partners. Expressions of interest are being sought from healthcare software decision makers, senior representatives, and their consultants.

About registration your interest, and getting your information pack.

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