India’s most significant company receives Best Brand Award by the Economic Times

The award was received by Dr. Arvind Patel (Chairman and MD, SLTL Group) in Pune on 19th Nov 2019. The company has been operating in this business since 1989 in the capital of Gujarat.

The company is best known around the world for inventing world’s first Fiber Laser Cutting System which went on to become a complete game-changer for the metal forming system. The Fiber Laser Cutting system was 30% more efficient than the conventional techniques and a complete maintenance-free technology. Today, the market for Fiber Laser Cutting systems is 800-1000 units per year in India.

Over the span of years, the company has contributed to the industries to define futuristic growth. SLTL Group is significantly responsible for evolution and footholding from the diamond industry in India which as of today contributes to 7% of India’s total GDP.

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SLTL Group has always been a proud partner with the Indian Government to move towards growth. Historically looking in 1997-98, after the successful testing of the nuclear test at Pokhran, foreign countries imposed a technological embargo on India which refused India’s access to technology from foreign countries. Then, the ordnance factory-required CO2 cutting technology which was then unavailable in India. The company took it as a challenge and delivered India’s first ingenious CO2 laser cutting system.

The company’s core focus is to continuously innovate and today dedicates 10% of total revenue in DSIR approved in-house R&D team. As a result, today the organization has installed more than 10000 systems and received 25 patents.

Over the years, the company has been maintaining healthy NPS of above 85% and enjoys 60% repeat business with remarkable after-sales services and excellent products.

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