CloudBB Enriches Messaging Feature to Facilitate School-Parent Partnerships

CloudBB, as a leading provider of solutions with simplified student enrollment, secure pickup, automated billing & online payment, etc., today announced that it is making its messaging service available to schools and childcare centers. It enables teachers and parents to access information, maintain records and manage communication without putting in a lot of time and effort.

A new intelligence report titled Global Classroom Messaging Software Market offers a 360-degree overview of the global market. It shows that the classroom messaging software market is expected to witness a pronounced growth during 2019-2025. With both parents getting busier by the day, parents still want to keep involved in the child’s school work/life and actively participate in the whole process of a child’s growth at all times. In that case, parents are feeling the need for technology intervention to ensure the child’s safety and communication as well as inform them well in advance.

However, smart schools or childcare centers are understanding the needs and are dedicated to making a beehive to adapt it. Besides improving communication, adapting to new technology also helps schools simplify the childcare management process. Obviously, the messaging feature is a must-have for all schools who are catering to well connected, but busy parents.

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  • Communicate Easily

CloudBB makes it easy to build an improved relationship between teachers and the school staff. BB School app or its web service enables teachers and staff to send a quick text/voice message or reminder to a room in bulk or specific parent; the BB Parent app enables parents to send a quick text/voice message to teachers and staff directly.

Whether parents would like to report an absence or access to the child’s progress reports in preschool classroom, the BB Parent app gives parents a greater connection to the child’s school life. To a large extent, its built-in message system can keep stakeholders always connected. It is especially useful when confronted with any emergency, a quick text or voice message can help to get in touch with those involved instantly. Parents can also no longer be anxious about the child’s safety in the pickup process, interactions with the teachers, and the overall experience at the school.

  • Enrich Messaging Forms

Parents will look forward to knowing what the child is up to in real-time. Besides text and voice messages, CloudBB enriches the messaging forms by allowing schools to share photos, videos, and notes with parents. Then, parents can reach them right on the BB Parent app. Other family members authorized can also see each child’s best moments Never miss a moment in a fascinating way!

  • Flexible Use on Any Device

Most people have at least a simple, if not sophisticated, mobile phone. These devices are convenient to carry around and you can use them on the go as long as there is network coverage wherever you are. CloudBB empowers users to enjoy the flexibility of sending or receiving messages on PC as well as on any mobile device. Mobile phones have become the modern-day personal assistant. This compatibility has clearly strengthened the communication between both parties whenever and wherever possible.

“I have observed that parents are always concerned about their child’s life at school. While as for schools, they are eager to reach parents in a way that works best.” said Martin Sun, the founder of CloudBB, “Improving school-parent communication is one of our top priorities. This is why our Messaging Feature was born and keeps updating. We aim to help schools build their credibility and facilitate school-parent partnerships. Then, better childcare management will be further guaranteed.”

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