Industry-Sponsored Research Management marks one-year anniversary with special pricing and bonuses

2Market Information Inc., a publisher of Industry-Sponsored Research Management newsletter, recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of its launch, when it became and remains the first and only how-to newsletter designed to help universities attract more corporate-sponsored research and manage those partnerships effectively.

In that inaugural year, the publication claimed an important role as a key source of guidance and proven strategies for improving corporate engagement and securing valuable research partnerships. In January 2018, Industry-Sponsored Research Management entered into an affiliation agreement with University-Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP) to provide access to the publication for all UIDP’s institutional member representatives. Not-for-profit UIDP is the leading membership organization for corporations and universities seeking to address issues impacting academic-industry collaboration and find better ways to collaborate.

Each monthly issue of Industry-Sponsored Research Management contains high-level strategies and best practices designed to help industry-sponsored research managers bring in more contracts, negotiate deals effectively, build lasting relationships with corporate sponsors, protect valuable intellectual property, and ensure airtight compliance practices.

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“Federal and other grant funds are harder to come by, and universities need to supplement those funding sources with industry partnerships. Our publication is filling a critical information void, providing how-to guidance and expert strategies focused on the many challenges associated with corporate-sponsored research,” says David Schwartz, 2Market Information’s CEO and publisher.

Subscribers to Industry-Sponsored Research Management — and UIDP members — receive expert guidance every month on the full spectrum of challenges they face in attracting and managing industry-university partnerships. In addition, subscribers receive online access to the publication’s entire archive of back issues. Some of the top articles from the past year include:

  • Offsite company liaisons keep industry-sponsored research ties strong
  • Typical metrics for corporate engagement only tell part of the story
  • Fabric institute’s one-stop licensing initiative bundles background university IP
  • UGA’s new Industry Express program removes friction from corporate partnerships
  • Industry research contracts getting more complex, require a more flexible approach
  • U New Mexico benchmarking report maps out corporate engagement improvement strategy
  • Streamlined contracting models an investment in future sponsored research deals
  • Are your data security precautions for industry partnerships adequate?
  • Three pharma giants reveal what they seek in university research partners
  • U Penn ramps up industry sponsorships as percent of funding jumps from 6% to 15%
  • IP concerns shouldn’t be a deal breaker in open innovation partnerships
  • Sponsors, research managers encouraged to consider incentives for data reproducibility
  • Faculty start-ups can make good research sponsors with proper COI safeguards
  • NJIT assembles custom teams to address industry’s specific problems

That’s just a small sample of all the articles you’ll have access to immediately before you even get your first issue of this must-have publication.

And, in celebration of the one-year anniversary of Industry-Sponsored Research Management, publisher 2Market Information Inc. is offering a free sample issue as well as special discounted pricing to new subscribers for a limited time. The anniversary offer also includes two free distance learning collections, Best Practices in Forming and Managing Industry-University Partnerships (a $397 value), and Best Practices in Gaining SBIR/STTR Funding for University Technologies (a $279 value). Taken together these collections include five outstanding programs filled with detailed guidance on building strong collaborations and getting critical funding for promising technologies.

For a free sample issue, CLICK HERE or call 239-263-0605. For further information on the publication or to become a new subscriber for just $297 (a $100 discount), plus receive the two free distance learning collections, Best Practices in Forming and Managing Industry-University Partnerships and Best Practices in Gaining SBIR/STTR Funding for University Technologies, CLICK HERE.

About 2Market Information Inc.

Atlanta-based 2Market Information Inc., the publisher of both Technology Transfer Tactics and Industry-Sponsored Research Management, is the world’s leader in providing practical guidance and professional development for technology transfer and research commercialization professionals. Along with these publications, the company’s offerings include webinars, books, distance learning collections, e-zines, software, and other tools available in print and electronically through the Tech Transfer Central web portal. To learn more about its products and services, go to

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