New LazyPerks App Gives Instant Alerts on Great eBay Deals Before Anyone Knows

Everyone loves a good bargain while going online shopping. EBay is one of the prime destinations for bargain buying all over the world, but it takes a great amount of searching and browsing to lay one’s hand on the best deal being offered. A cool new app, LazyPerks, now makes this automated and convenient to hunt the latest and best deals on eBay in real time along with instant notifications.

Much money can be saved if only there was an app that sent instant alerts to us whenever a great deal was available on eBay. LazyPerksdoes this and more. Users can create their own personalized searches within their allocated budget and description, and receive instant alerts whenever a suitable product is listed by a seller.

“Our app remains busy while you are offline or asleep. While eBay sends notifications only once a day, LazyPerkskeeps an eye on what you want, all day long, and sends out alerts as soon as the buy-it-now item is available,” said Olga Marushkina of Texriver, Inc, the maker of LazyPerks.

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LazyPerks is for everyone, including collectors, re-sellers or deal hunters, who are shopping on eBay and looking for great deals without having to spend time, and to save extra money otherwise spent due to missed opportunities. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

For re-sellers and businesses, it is important to know about newly listed items way ahead of competition. LazyPerks response time is typically less than a minute, and this gives a huge advantage to resellers in staying ahead all the time and collect the best deals before anyone else does.

To make the deal even better, LazyPerks provides real-time data feeds of eBay buy-it-now or fixed-price listings. The access is available for 21 eBay sites across the world. Instant updates begin to flow in over RSS readers as soon as a site or category is chosen.


Texriver, Inc. is the boutique software development company that specializes in eBay real-time data acquisition and data processing, enhancing eBay sellers and buyers experience and bottom line.
Our product is LAZYPERKS™ – #1 eBay bargain hunting machine, where you create your custom searches (desired price and description) and be notified as soon as the matching item is listed on eBay. We call it a goldmine for collectors and resellers.For more information, please visit:

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