Karline Depass Launches Platform that Beneficial to Beauty Industry Owners

Karline Depass, the founder of Suite Forms, welcomes opportunities to give back to her homeland of Haiti by providing education and jobs through her Spa business and Newly Launched Platform.

Karline Depass is hardworking and dedicated to providing exceptional client experiences. Aside from a beauty industry professional and entrepreneur, she is also the founder of Suite Forms, the #1 platform used by spa owners, aestheticians, tattoo artists, lash/makeup artists, massage therapists, and others to better interact with their clients and team members. This platform is made based on his own experience as a spa owner. She decided to create a technology startup to meet the needs for customizable and pre-designed forms that can be accessed on-demand.

Suite Forms is a cloud-based platform that allows the user to create pre-designs documents in a matter of minutes! It allows users to choose a pre-design document or simply customize their own. Suite Forms helps clients with their workflow while scaling the business faster so they can focus on their craft and make more money seamlessly.

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"Our platform is intended to ease for beauty industry owners to create pre-designed documents. We really value our clients’ time, so our platform can be used within minutes. Our platform will save your time and money, and we always prioritize our client’s satisfaction." said Suite Forms CEO Karline Depass.

Suite forms platform is beneficial to clients, and it performs as a virtual assistant allowing clients the freedom to be creative. Some of the benefits include;

  • Gain more clients on social media.

  • Eliminates the need to answer Direct Messages and emails because it does all the work for the client.

  • Save money on ink and paper.

  • Collect all the data and images needed to book the day successfully and create more revenue.

About Karline Depass

Karline Depass is a Haitian American entrepreneur. Over the past decade, she has built a successful career in the beauty industry. She currently runs a profitable spa and has partnered with a personalization company to launch Suite Forms. As a Haitian American, Karline welcomes opportunities to give back to her homeland of Haiti by providing education and jobs whenever possible. Through her spa business and Suite Forms, Karline hopes to elevate her industry and improve the lives of fellow Haitian Americans, as well as others seeking sustainable work. In her leisure time, she enjoys time as a mom and proudly raising her young daughter, Isabella. For more information, please visit https://suiteforms.com/


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