QSS Technosoft Launches Golang Web Development Services

QSS Technosoft, a leading software development company in India & USA has expanded its IT portfolio by launching Golang development services to a diverse range of businesses located across the world. Backed by Google, the Golang programming language is known for building robust applications for businesses.

The company is proactive in integrating new programming languages and software since its inception. Prior to this, the company has already established its footprint in Blockchain development, Flutter, JavaScript development as well. Through its Golang Development services, QSS is offering businesses get a simplified interface with reliable, effective, and powerful web API solutions.

What is Golang?

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The Golang programming language being developed by Google has been gaining lots of popularity in the industry. Go is basically an open-source programming language, developed to create efficient software. The language offers developers access to free tools, source codes and compilers & is also used in web & mobile APIs. Golang got developed using C.

It incorporates the feature of object-oriented and multi-paradigm and targets several platforms, including BSD, Linux, Plan9, Windows and macOS. The Golang programming language is a complete package system with inbuilt technologies and a library to support the writing of concurrent programs using its goroutines feature.

Advantages of Integrating the Golang Programming Language

Using the Golang programming language can definitely benefit developers in several ways. Some of them being:

  • Go is a statically typed language that simplifies the overall task for developers by controlling errors at compile time.
  • To simply the documentation of pages, developers can utilize GoDoc. This is not only time saving but also effective. In addition to this, with Go, you can locate all the libraries & applications in Go in the same format.
  • If we talk about the performance, Go is far better than versions 2 and 3 of Python. This is because Golang has a greater CPU scalability other than the concurrency model.
  • Developers don’t need any third-party library or web framework to support Golang.
  • Golang can be compiled into a single library by combining all the libraries, modules and dependencies.
  • The static typing feature of Golang enables developers to resolve bug issues seamlessly during compile time.
  • Golang has a feature of Garbage Collection. This functionality automates memory management that further help developers to build simple interfaces.
  • Developers are provided with the debugging support and IDE that reduces the coding time.
  • The massive Golang community on the web is always there to support the developers.

Golang App Development Services By QSS

QSS Technosoft has collaborated with global clients on various projects involving technologies like Flutter, JavaSript, blockchain, React, Xamarin & many more.

As a promising Golang Development Company in India & USA, QSS ensures efficient backend APIs development to seamlessly integrated with web and mobile frontend. QSS Technosoft can get you to benefit in terms of scalability and productivity in your business projects. The company is backed up by seasoned Golang engineers, adroit in using all the features of Go programming language. QSS presently serves a wide segment of the industry and has developed many enterprise apps with customized features as per client requirements & budget.

About QSS Technosoft

QSS Technosoft is a leading IT company engaged in developing mobile and web applications as well as other software solutions for clients with diverse businesses across the globe. Over the years, the company has expanded its portfolio of services by introducing the latest technologies like Flutter, Xamarin, Blockchain with Golang as an all-new addition to it. The Golang developers at QSS holds years of expertise and have developed a number of Golang Apps as per the client requirements.

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