Leading AI Company Certn Makes Work Safer With 5 Second Criminal Record Checks

Hiring has never been more competitive, and the difference between hiring the right candidate and losing them to your competitor could be a matter of hours, let alone days. Certn, the AI enabled background screening platform, announced the successful launch of their online criminal record check platform. Partnering with police detachments across the country, Certn has reduced the turnaround time on Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC), Police Information Portal and Firearms Interest Police (FIP) checks by as much as 90%. Since launching, the company has secured contracts with Canadian Banks, some of Canada’s Top Employers, and Leaders in the On-Demand and Peer-to-Peer Economies.

In addition to their partnership with Police, Certn has been well known for their SoftcheckTM product that uses AI to collect information from 350 Canadian courts, boards and tribunals as well as publicly available records from 200+ other countries. Coupled with their database of over 100,000 adverse media sources and their proprietary software to identify risk in public profiles, Certn has been taking the market by storm.

Leading Canadian on-demand home services provider zenGOT is one of the adopters of the technology and has seen their customer onboarding time for a new zenGivers drop from 8 days down to less than a day.

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“Using Certn to conduct background checks on our service providers drastically improved our onboarding process overnight,” said Andrew Jenkins, COO of ZenGot.

Not only has zenGot seen a reduction in their onboarding time but Certn’s global data has helped zenGOT onboard from a larger pool of zenGivers that can now be effectively evaluated for risk. All for significantly less than they were paying prior to starting with Certn.

“The Softcheck is an expedient option and enables us to submit a background check and review a comprehensive report within 5 seconds. It’s also one of the most cost-effective options in the industry and significantly lowered our acquisition costs,” adds Andrew Jenkins.

But, it’s not just the Gig Economy that’s seeing value from Certn’s speed and proprietary data. Certn’s clients are seeing a 75% reduction in the time it takes to shortlist applicants and an average savings of $8k a year.

"Our platform integrates into existing application tracking systems or can be used as a stand-alone process that will automatically rank applicants based on their skills and experience,” said Andrew McLeod, Co-Founder @ Certn.

Companies are also avoiding interviewing applicants that might have misrepresented themselves on their resume. In 2017, Inc. published an article stating that “85 Percent of Job Applicants Lie on Resumes” and Certn’s SoftcheckTM can digitally verify previous employment and experience within seconds.

In their attempt to build a thorough but inclusive platform, Certn has enlisted the help of former privacy commissioners, lawyers, and industry experts to ensure their process is fair and accurate.

“Certn doesn’t just focus on risk, we want our clients to have the best view of their applicants. By helping present achievements like awards, accolades and positive media that might otherwise go unnoticed, we can help make sure the best applicants get interviewed.” says Evan Dalton, Co-Founder @ Certn.

Using technology to eliminate friction and vastly improve the efficiency of searches, Certn is able to pass on the benefits of those efficiencies by beating competitors’ prices by 20-30%. This puts the best practice of performing background checks within reach of companies that up until now have felt they were either cost or time prohibitive.

“Their innovations will not only make processes more efficient, but will help companies make better decisions by providing a much richer data set,” said Patrick Lor, Managing Partner at Panache Ventures, one of Canada’s leading Seed Venture funds.

About Certn

Certn is a platform used to predict the future behaviours of people, completely changing the way applicant screening is done. Historically, lenders, employers, and property managers have relied solely on credit reports or Google searches, turning away great clients and wasting precious time as a result. Certn leverages available data and artificial intelligence (Al) to effectively predict behavioral outcomes, successfully determining an individual’s credibility by evaluating several dimensions of character over millions of data points. Since its inception in 2016, the company has quickly become one of Canada’s fastest growing background check companies. For more information, visit www.certn.co.

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