VODIK Energy introduces its latest Hydrogen Storage Alloy – Highest Commercial Capacity in the World

VODIK is proud to announce the release of its latest solid-state hydrogen (“H2”) storage material. The new metal hydride alloy (“MHA”) has the greatest capacity of any commercially available energy storage material known. This advanced material has been encapsulated into modules that are now rack mountable – the first rack-mountable solid-state hydrogen storage solution to ever be released. These rack-mountable hydrogen storage modules will open up new possibilities in the telecommunications, backup and emergency power, data center, and transportation markets.

Each storage module, which is 3U (5.25”) or 4U (7”) in height can store from 4 Kg up to 6 Kg of hydrogen. The VODIK H2 storage modules are also low pressure, around 20 bar (300 psi) versus 680 bar (10,000 psi) for conventional H2 storage. “With years and millions in development, we are now at the level of capacity that is on-par with pressurized hydrogen at a lower overall cost,” said Carey Hilton, Chairman, and CEO of VODIK.

With its low-pressure, high density, ultimate safety and low cost fueling, it makes sense that VODIK is in discussions now with two large automotive manufacturers to make Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (“FEVs”) a true reality for the short-term future. “It is fitting that today we are discussing one of the most relevant topics in our Global History – a new paradigm in energy storage as well as a technology and industry sector transformation. VODIK’s H2 Storage Modules now open up the entire transportation sector which can soon replace batteries,” said Mr. Hilton.

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About VODIK Energy: VODIK is a leading-edge technology solutions provider specializing in the origination and development of clean power generation, energy storage, and nanostructured metal alloys. VODIK unites its advanced materials IP along with other best in class technologies and strategic partners to complete complex and high-value products and services. Improving Products: Revolutionizing Industries. VODIK is currently expanding its reach into the Asia market with offices in Taipei and Hong Kong as well as new VODIK China in Shanghai. Visit info.

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