LFGdating Announces Improved Verification Criteria, So Gamers Find Love (Not Bots)

The potential risk of using a dating app is that it’s not always easy to tell if the person you’re communicating with is real, or just a heartless, soulless bot or scammer. Now LFGdating®, the leading dating site and app for gamers, is helping its users to ensure that they connect with bona fide humans looking for love, thanks to its improved human verification criteria.

While LFGdating has always used human verification to help protect its members, its new and improved criteria will help to increase the likelihood that every user account in its popular service is real, authentic and human (versus artificial intelligence).

The pillars of the new and improved human verification criteria were created and fine-tuned by LFGdating Co-founders Casey Tebo and Patrick Rafferty following analysis of tens of thousands of accounts, usernames, responses, profile pictures, and more. For this reason, not only is every account profile created on LFGdating reviewed by a human being for authenticity, but with the new criteria, it’s easier than ever for LFGdating administrators to spot those tell-tale signs of a fake account profile name, false profile data (often immediately identifiable via certain text or sentence patterns), and more. Security analysts will also check uploaded pictures for authenticity (using reverse picture lookup where needed) as well as grammar, syntax, and name/profile matches.

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“As a definition, human verification means that a human is verifying that the newly created account is authentic,” comments LFGdating Co-Founder Casey Tebo. “Human verification has always been an important element for us, and it helps us to reduce the potential for scammers, bots and catfishers.” He adds that human verification also lessens the likelihood that bona fide accounts may be inadvertently flagged as inauthentic. “This is where our judgment comes into play,” he adds, “along with the participation of our amazing member base, to help verify genuine users, and to flag or report suspicious activity or interaction. At that point, we move on to the second phase of the process, where we reach out to individual account owners asking them to verify their account via a proprietary and protected process.”

Ultimately, improved human account verification will help LFGdating continue to make a difference in helping gamers find their perfect ‘Player 2.’ Upon rollout of the updated criteria from October 21-28, 2019, all LFGdating accounts will undergo the human verification process within 24-48 hours.

Premium Services

LFGdating is free to try, but it also offers some additional features for premium members that help users to make the most of their connections. With most premium dating apps costing $30 or $40 per month, LFGdating’s fees are modest at a fraction of the cost, and scaled so that users can try for a month (at $5, around the cost of a premium latte), for three months ($10), six months ($20) or pay for a lifetime subscription for just $50.

About LFGdating

Named for the classic “looking for group” designation from the world of MMORPGs, LFGDating® is an online dating service focused on bringing romance, connection and meaningful interaction to gamers of all types and genders (aged 18 and up). It’s the best place on the web for meeting gamers, and operates on a matching algorithm that encompasses gaming habits and preferences, as well as lifestyle, physical attributes, and general awesomeness. The latest LFGdating apps are available on the App Store, and on Google Play. LFGdating is also accessible on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at @LFGdating.

To discuss their expanded new authenticity criteria, Casey Tebo and Patrick Rafferty are currently available for interviews and media appearances—to request an interview, please contact Angela Mitchell at news [at] paranoidpr [dot] com or (904) 982-8043.

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