LogicVU Releases FedSpend.com for Public Beta Testing

LogicVU, LLC. (LOGICVU), a leading predictive model, machine learning, and deep-learning software company, is pleased to announce the release of their online Federal Procurement Research tool, www.FedSpend.com . The FedSpend portal enables registered users to filter, sort, and study procurement data simplifying cumbersome government spending trends while guiding users directly to specific spend amounts and budgets within a given NAICS code. Anticipating positive and valuable feedback from early adopters and BETA users, FedSpend is currently offering complete trial access of this powerful business intelligence tool to registered users at no charge for a limited time.

The FedSpend online portal truly empowers businesses to research, fine-tune, and target their Government procurement efforts saving them valuable time and resources in the overall government bidding process,” states Raj Gantaram, Corporate Managing Director at LogicVU, LLC. He continues: “With our portal, users will be able to view awarded contracts in seconds as compared to the countless hours the same research would have taken. FedSpend caters to three constituencies: Governmental Agencies that need to track and research their annual spending; larger government contractors analyzing federal trends and spending; and smaller SMBs that are seeking an entry into the government procurement process.”

Built on an easily digestible visual platform, a Sankey-style chart drives the informational displays and details the flow of government spending (for the current fiscal year to date). Users can follow the spending from left to right, high-to-low, and can select various branches to view how the spending is funneled down to the contractors receiving these funds. Customizable dashboards help clients’ monitor market trends and procurement metrics. FedSpend users can filter and refine results as well as view specific ‘set aside’ contracts. An added benefit available to all registered users are the easily downloadable reports.

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About LogicVU, LLC.:
LogicVU, LLC. originated as a proprietary, business intelligence solutions software from the Netlogic Solutions development labs. Netlogic’s deployment of LogicVU, and the FedSpend platform is another example of the next generation of Web and Cloud Enabled Business Intelligence suites being developed and deployed globally. For more information, visit www.FedSpend.com

Contact for LogicVU, LLC:
Anil Dhondi, Managing Director, Government Relations at (703) 587-6257
Raj Gantaram, Corporate Managing Director at (847) 275-5069

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