Mastercraft Article Series Set To Inspire Australian Homes

Supporting Australian trades and craft is an important part of our social core,” says Julie O’Donohue, founder of Next Address. “When you have architects, designers along with homeowners raving about the wall art or polished plaster wall that is 1200 years old, we knew we had to write something about it.”

The price index for residential properties for the weighted average of the eight capital cities fell 2.4% in the December quarter 2018. It is a crucial time for home-sellers to invest in ways that can increase the value of their home to compete in the falling market.

Next Address recognizes artisan features and master crafted finishes are what make homes stand out in the market. In today’s busy real estate market, homes that have unique or high-quality features are the ones that people will be remembered. Next Address realizes that the everyday Aussie can invest in high-quality conversation pieces that will increase the value of their home.

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Therefore, they are presenting a series of articles providing a well-deserved platform to some of Australia’s finest, bespoke master craft people. These include artists and designers renowned for their ability to transform a space and make it unique so that potential buyers leave your home thinking WOW.

Surf Edge Rendering is the first of the five master crafters to be featured.

Jules Mieszkowski from Surf Edge Rendering is one of the few in Australia qualified in the Tadelakt technique. This ancient and highly sought after plaster polishing technique brings the exotic artisan features of Morocco to homes in Australia. Tadelakt has been featured in the homes of Yves St Laurent to the ancient halls of Marrakech.

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About Next Address believes that people are at the heart of the real estate marketplace. Finding a home should be easy, cost-effective and a transparent process. Under-pinning this is a core belief that proceeds from the industry should be shared for the betterment of our communities. By connecting people directly, with a service delivery model, Next Address provides the lowest cost option to sell or rent your home. When technology and trust come together the disruption is revolutionary. Real estate for the people.

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