The B.I.G – Preparing tech companies for the battle of starting up

The B.I.G Workshop, London’s first-of-its-kind, interactive tech workshop for tech startups looking to elevate their brand and improve the industry.

All the stats suggest your chances of building a successful tech business are low. Especially coming from a background which isn’t ‘white male’. What ethnicities are famous people within the tech industry? How many famous women in tech do you know?

“The gender and diversity parity campaign is not a revolution. Companies can only develop their brand’s emotional connection with diverse company culture. This is a strength that allows them to communicate effectively with a wider community. Great company culture can only thrive in diversity.” Flavilla Fongang 3 Colours Rule Founder.

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It shouldn’t matter how you look, what gender you are or your background. The only important things that you require are a drive and guidance to take the right path to get to your goal. So 3 Colours Rule decided to start the B.I.G. Workshop, in the hope of aiding tech startups/entrepreneurs to help them reach their upper echelon and break the statistical mould.

The aim of the B.I.G. Workshop is to help act as a map for young tech companies on their journey to success and help inspire diversity in the tech world along the way.

At 3 Colours Rule, they live what they teach. Their office is made up of individuals from all over the globe and different backgrounds, led by the founder Flavilla Fongang. A French national from Cameroon, born & raised in Paris. Flavilla moved to London in 2002 despite being unable to speak English. Fast forward 17 years and several degrees later and she is running her own successful business.

3 Colours Rule has gained a wealth of experience over its years working alongside notable tech businesses from WeWork to Facebook. 3 Colours Rule would like to pass on everything we have learned to tech entrepreneurs who want to make a positive impact on society and help build their brand.


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