Maven Collectibles make new waves with TITAN Action figure in the Toy & Collectible community.

bles the new base for Customisers & Collectors next to Hasbro & Mattel.


Richmond, Sep 12, 2019 ( – MAVEN COLLECTIBLES LLC is a VA-based 3D Design company, who’s the primary focus is producing and selling action figures and model kits. Maven’s CEO Jason Rosa first executed his idea’s for a major design organisation approximately 10 years ago, and it has blossomed into fruition with many a project in his Portfolio and a buffet of happy customers.

In launching Maven Collectibles, Jason envisioned that the Maven company mission would encompass three key aspects, which are exclusivity, quality, and accountability. Exclusivity, in particular, boasts limited edition fine art sculptures for the everyday enthusiast/collector. Maven’s aim is to secure their models amongst your displays to be treasured for many years to come. With quality, Maven is focused on using only high-quality materials in their productions. You can expect beautiful detailing, assured durability, and rich design with every release. And as for accountability, as fans and fellow collectors, Maven pride themselves on their customer service. Maven respect your business, holding every transaction with great pride and attention.

When Jason was inspired by his daughter’s passion for action figures but noted that there weren’t many action figures for the female market, Jason embarked on a journey of his own to execute the Superheroine line. Since the success of their 1/12 and 1/10 scale Superheroine blank body action figures on June 18th, 2018, MAVEN COLLECTIBLES have launched a brand new project that out spars their previous project in every way.

MAVEN’S CEO Jason is ecstatic about the new TITAN Project, he explains;

‘The Titan Body is a new and original articulated Male blank body action figure, representing a larger humanoid or monster body type found in comics, movies, and animation. Titan is 1:12th (6” inch) Scale however he stands at a whopping 9” inches tall! (228.6mm/22.86cm) He will be no slouch compared to your bigger Mezco One:12 Collective Figures, Build-A-Figure Marvel Legends behemoths, DC Classics Collect & Connect style New Gods, NECA & Mafex monstrosities’.

The team at MAVEN COLLECTIBLES had been hard at work trying to make the TITAN a reality but felt like something was missing, so they introduced talented Sculptor Victor Hugo Sousa to the team, who had previously orchestrated work for XM Studios, Iron Studio’s and Kotobukiya Studio to name a few.

Jason stated, ‘He literally ripped it apart and started from scratch, and flipped the whole figure on its head’.

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The entire team was so impressed with Victor’s work that he was brought on board MAVEN COLLECTIBLES as their new company President.

The action figure community has undoubtedly just hit its peak in the collecting/customizing communities. With action figure sales going through the roof amidst the release of Pop Culture favourites like the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), DC, and Star Wars films. But unfortunately, many customizers of these action figures around the world have to financially fork out large sums to attain decent limbs, additional parts, and general fodder alone to complete their artwork. This is where MAVEN COLLECTIBLES Steps in. Undoubtedly standing at decent competition with large scale conglomerates like Hasbro, Mattel and McFarlane toys, Jason was adamant that he wants his action figure blank bodies and kits to be available and enjoyed by people all over the world, and not just have locations cherry-picked like the larger corporations.

“I don’t want anyone to miss out just because of where they live”.

MAVEN COLLECTIBLES are made up of a passionate and hard-working team, and they as figure fans, create FOR the figure fans.
MAVEN has a stellar Art Department run by Mercedes Jennings as the Art Director, a fantastic guru of operations, Jim Posey who is the Executive Vice president, Victor Hugo Sousa who of course is the new President and Sculptor, and Jason Rosa who is the Founder and CEO of MAVEN COLLECTIBLES.

Australian Action Figure fan and Pop Culture Social media personality Marveles, was the first to say that this new TITAN blank body that MAVEN is about to launch is a ‘hottie’, and is the ultimate project for Customizers and action figure hobbyists alike.

Marveles stated;

I first heard of MAVEN COLLECTIBLES a few months ago, and I genuinely fell in love with their entity, what they are about, the large community of customizers and collectors that they represent and cater to, and how far they go to produce a high-quality product that takes me back to the days of Toybiz. Their passion really resonated with me. Some people think that action figures are just toys for kids, but they are so much more than that. They open up a vast world of creativity, design engineering genius, and imagination’.

The new Kickstarter project for the new TITAN body is now LIVE at the link below and you can support them here!

It is encouraged that you investigate this extraordinary team and the work they have put into this figure and many other figures like it. Their reach stretches across the world and the results of this Kickstarter will dictate just how many of the TITAN body can be produced. MAVEN also have a TWITCH channel where they hold interactive streams, discussing all avenues of pop culture, past, present, and future, and building on their action figure empire. You can connect with the team at MAVEN COLLECTIBLES LLC on Instagram under @mavencollectibles, and you can also find them on Facebook and Youtube. Good luck MAVEN COLLECTIBLES and all the best for the Kickstarter Project! You deserve it.

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