Migration Monster Makes Migrating Mailboxes Easier Without Admin Access

  • Migration Monster releases “Automated Credentials Collection” feature that will now allow migration of Office 365 & MS Exchange mailboxes without a need of admin level access.

Now, you don’t need to collect each user’s login details or resetting their passwords manually which is not only time-consuming but impractical, plus a security risk.

Migration Monster’s Technical Director, Paul Sturges says “After reviewing hundreds of feedback from our customers in last 12 months, need of admin access or collection of each user login credentials for mailbox migration was one of the key bottlenecks. We feel happy now that this is now resolved :)”

New Features:

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  • Automating the process of collecting usernames & passwords, while adding mailboxes to your Migration Monster project manually.
  • Alternatively, provision to collect credentials by importing a list of mailbox owners (users) email id in CSV format
  • Reports which users who have verified details & who have not. Option to send reminders.
  • Provision to customize a credential request email template

You can try this feature by registering for a trial version which gives you 4 free unrestricted mailbox migrations to get started. Happy Migrating!

About Migration Monster:

Migration Monster is an easy, super-fast & secure cloud-based email migration tool suited for all types of businesses. It’s designed & developed by experienced cloud entrepreneurs to meet the need of large scale migration of mailboxes with high speed & accuracy at a low cost.

Visit https://www.migration-monster.com to learn more.

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