Mobile Users All set To Play Fortnite APK on Android Phone

Fortnite, the most trending video game is all set to increase its popularity from making its move from console onto mobile devices. It is also getting more recognition on iOS than PUBG It is getting ranked on#1 position in the App store. The game is currently available in PS4, PC, Xbox One apart from iOS and also recently released it for Nintendo Switch. Fortnite is extremely popular right know attracting moiré than 40 million players globally per month. Epic Games is constantly updating its feature to keep it fresh and appealing to the players. When it comes to Android users, they are eagerly looking up to Epic games regarding the announcement of Fortnite Apk download for Android, though there is vagueness about the release date. “We are targeting to release Fortnite on Android devices this summer” Epic Games revealed in an announcement recently. They also disclosed that “eventually” a cross-play between Android and different consoles will be available.

The developers have however revealed features of Fortnite for Android will be exactly same as Fortnite on iOS. They further added that it would have the same content and gameplay as well. The map will also be same including no difference in the weekly updates. The updates are expected to include Seasons and new challenges.

Mobile users if you are craving to know how to play Fortnite Mobile Apk on Your phone then you are in the right place. The first thing is that aspiring mobile players will necessarily need a decent android phone to run the game smoothly. Epic Games declares that mobile version of Fortnite brings “console quality graphics and action”. To sustain in Fortnite forward planning powered with high mechanical skills is necessary for it is fast-paced. Each player is pitted against 99 opponents, skydiving out of a floating Battle bus to reach specific locations on the map and collect the loot. The game starts with players quickly finding for resources and weapons to safeguard them before they proceed to the domain of enemies. There will be a deadly storm that will be shrinking every minute and force players into the deadly battle.

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However, it will be really interesting to see how players on mobile device compete against the computer or console players.


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