Arbitao Takes Crypto Trading to A New Level with The Launch of New App

Arbitao is a unique automated trading app designed to allow users to trade digital currencies with ease, optimizing price differences from 19 cryptocurrency exchanges. The app is designed to take arbitrage trading to a whole new level, allowing people even outside the “closed loop” to make profits, with a scheduled launch on the 1st July 2018.

Traders and investors in cryptocurrencies now have a chance to make good profits regardless of their experience, thanks to the advent of Arbitao. It gets even better with the app, as traders do not have to solely rely on Bitcoin or Ethereum’s turbulent price fluctuations to make profits, with Arbitao offering a fully automated cryptocurrency arbitrage trading solution.

Arbitao will be coming as a unique trading solution, offering a less risky and more user-friendly way for institutional and individual investors to directly profit from the volatility in the crypto markets. The solution removes the concept of ‘Hodling,’ helping to mitigate the risk of holding a digital currency for a long while.

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Other features and benefits of Arbitao include easy access to arbitrage, and benefit from a tried and tested technology. This is particularly true as Arbitao is underpinned on three key platforms – the TAOx trading platform, the ATAOwallet, and the ARBITAO arbitrage platform itself.

According to Karel Mirrin, Arbitao’s Lead Developer & Co-Founder: “Arbitao’s long term ambition is to fully decentralize arbitrage trading and to make it more inclusive, transparent and rewarding for all investors.

“Our goal was to deliver a working product before the ICO started, which we succeeded in. Now we’re confident that our software will help demystify arbitrage, enhance crypto liquidity, and kickstart renewed interest in blockchain technology.”

Arbitao’s main token sale begins on July 22, but the pre-sale starts on July 1. A total of 800,000,000 ATAO will be distributed throughout the ICO.

The funds raised will be used to develop a more robust infrastructure, improve algorithms, incorporate more cloud computing features, and help Arbitao expand to other exchanges.

More information about Arbitao can be found on the website.

Arbitao is also available across different social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram.

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