Redefining Innovation While Reinventing Webreinvent



WebReinvent Technologies Pvt. Ltd., an award-winning Delhi-based digital agency which develops websites and mobile applications, is going to launch its newly redesigned official website soon. The purpose is to revitalize it with all new exciting features that will make browsing an excellent user experience.

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The brand new website has a clean spruce design, improved functionality, and a structured data for better detection of our website by various search engines. A ‘real-time’ quick search which will offer users quick and easy access to essential information with features that will provide a better inclusive understanding of the company’s services in the field of web development. The redesigned website has a ‘Vue.js’- a progressive framework to build user interfaces. It will work as a front-end technology. It also has an optimize mobile-friendly version powered with AMP. The new website will go live on 13th June 2018 and is located at the same address http:/


WebReinvent was launched in 2012 by a tech-savvy Pradeep Kumar, founder, and CEO of the company. He with his gang of innovators envisioned to take over the digital world and establish their supremacy. From that fateful day when our company was launched on the market and until today, we have overpowered many hurdles that came in between us and our success. During our innovative journey, we underwent several changes to modify and develop our services. Now, we want the world to see an experienced, talented, and smart version of WebReinvent. With an experience of several years and working for clients across the globe, WebReinvent now holds a very sought after position of a digital agency that delivers quality services along with a long list of happy clients.

“No matter what people tell you, a vision and an idea can change this world. My vision was to establish a digital agency that evolves with time and technology to remain ahead of the competition”, said Mr Pradeep Kumar, founder & CEO of WebReinvent Technologies.

“We are excited about our relaunch and the plethora of information it provides for our clients and media to understand WebReinvent and all our services”, he added.

A Brief Review

  • Easy to navigate.
  • Modernised look and feel.
  • To provide the excellent user experience.
  • Vue.js as a front-end technology.
  • Two different templates for mobile and desktop.
  • Use of AMP & Google Structured Data will also be used.


If you would like more information on this topic, please contact Pradeep Kumar at +91 7838561323 or Email- we

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