Mybappo – the First Social Platform Built on a Calendar Going Live Founded by Two Women

Many media trends help broaden business reach and make managing business, particularly time management easier. One such tool is social calendar or social media content calendar. It helps one to plan and schedule all of their social content beforehand. The social calendar works just like the usual content calendar but on social platforms. Mybappo, a social calendar enters the fray as the first social platform that’s built on a calendar. The interactive calendar, built on tech advancement is anticipated to be a social media trend in 2019 – it is set-up by a Melbourne based start-up, Nexus Dimensions. Founded by two sisters, Maisa and Faye Bawaleez, mybappo shatters male domination in the social platform field, becoming one of the first social platforms developed by women.

The social calendar product by mybappo launch take-off successfully. Mybappo leverages features of social media and will become a social media trend in 2019 by connecting businesses via an online scheduler. This will allow businesses to reach more customers and facilitate bookings and appointments which will take business levels up and expand the market.

Mybappo was conceptualised after the abysmal way bookings and appointments are made by customers was noticed by the Bawaleez sisters – it’s a bland, systematic approach and one-way conversation which focuses only on the booking transaction. After deep studies and researches, mybappo was created to offer a new experience for both sides of the equation, businesses and customers. People and general users can use mybappo to organize and manage their calendars on a daily basis whether with a business or friends in an interactive manner – and it will lead a trend.

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Maisa and Faye Bawaleez quoted, “We thought, we put the outlines, worked hard and made it happen.”Mybappo is in its early stages now. Hard work is being invested to secure the best experience for customers and customer loyalty while the ongoing goal is to expand to more countries, offering the first service and the best booking system. Additional features will be added to mybappo in a bid to improve the trendsetting social calendar – based on customers’ needs and feedback. The girl power behind mybappo says, “We made it happen, and now we want to take it to the next level.”

As a pioneer, mybappo will have a significant positive impact on businesses and transform customer-business relationships. Mybappo is now live and its target is from Australia to UAE and the exciting development is that people are already using the social calendar. To cater to all kinds of businesses of all sizes, mybappo will keep innovating.

About Nexus Dimensions:

Nexus Dimensions (NXD) an Australian startup, based in Melbourne / Victoria – Australia.

Our aim is challenging the status quo and bring fresh ideas to further and better the world we live in.

At Nexus Dimensions we are very passionate about solving real-life problems in ways that add value in an intuitive manner, by implementing easy-to-use flexible solutions.

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