eVisaMe Launched its Advanced Software System for Online Visa Application Services

eVisaMe.com a global company specializing in evisa processing services, today launched its advanced software system based on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for its tourist visa application services – for more than 16 countries, most frequented by united states and united kingdom citizens.

Traveling and exploring new countries is all about opening our mind, having fun and adventure. However, until recent years, one of the main, and most time-consuming pre-travel chores was obtaining an entry visa to the destination, which often requires a trip to the embassy of the issuing country, complete with long lines and lots of paperwork.

But thanks to modern technology, the visa market is undergoing a small but significant revolution with the advent of the e visa (i.e. electronic visa, e-visa or evisa)

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An e-visa is a travel visa that you can obtain online quickly and easily. The application process usually takes just a few minutes and, if approved, an evisa will arrive via email, typically within 1-2 days (although it can often arrive on the same day)

Evisame’s skilled entrepreneurs’ team were able to create a simple and very friendly online visa application flow that streamlines the entire process of obtaining e-visa over the internet.

The new system communicates easily with customers using optimal security – evisame adhere to the highest cybersecurity standards to ensure that a customer’s personal information is completely safe. With the new system, all the information is encrypted for safe keeping, and anything that isn’t essential is automatically deleted.

With evisame new system, business customers can process several e visas at once, rather than each one separately. This can also save a great deal of time and hassle for families and groups applying for an e visa.

Visit: https://evisame.com

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