Networking Event Platform on Blockchain

EventJoin Inc. ( EventJoin, a professional networking event platform, announces the launch of their equity crowdfunding campaign on The new Title III crowdfunding regulation went into effect on May 11th, 2018. EventJoin has published the terms of fundraising on

To learn more about this investment opportunity, visit:

" Our Vision is to empower every professional to have a strong network of relationships”- said EventJoin founder and CEO, Shalini Kasliwal

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We are challenging old systems where professional events were bundled on websites and had to fight for attention. EventJoin takes to a new level the networking experience in the professional world. We take pride in delivering a data-driven platform that brings together professionals in the quest of building powerful networks inside and outside their industry by establishing real, in-person connections at networking events.

Check out the live StartEngine campaign to learn more about the opportunity and support our mission.

About EventJoin

EventJoin is a professional networking event platform. The unique experiences by giving attendees, organizers, speakers, and venues a platform to find, create and participate in local professional events, we are changing the meaning of professional networking and revolutionizing the event cycle- professionals can stay connected before and after, everyone gets a chance to empower their brand.

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