New Features Introduced in pCloudy 5.4

pCloudy, a cloud-based mobile app testing platform has announced the launch of the latest version pCloudy 5.4. The new version is loaded with new features which will help save time and effort while testing an app.

GitHub Integration: Now users can upload the findings and raise defects in the GitHub repository directly from pCloudy. This feature is added to make it convenient for our users to perform mobile application testing and manage the tasks through pCloudy. The user just needs to enter the URL and access key to register.

CTRL + V: Earlier in the device window, the user had to use the virtual extended keyboard to enter text in the selected device. Now the user can just copy any text from the system and paste it directly into the device. Instead of using an extended keyboard, just use two buttons to enter the string in the device. This will save time and effort when working with multiple devices where the user needs to enter long text multiple times.

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FollowMe new UI: User will now see the devices which they had selected and Softkeys and Screenshots options at the top right corner of the window. Now when the user performs any action in the master device, it will get replicated on the secondary device too. If the user enters text, tap on a button, swipe, etc. in the master device then that will happen simultaneously in the secondary device.

Appium on Pre Installed Apps: In pCloudy, users can run Appium tests on multiple devices in parallel. Some users want to test their apps more than once to perform different types of tests on the same app. Earlier the users had to install the app again and again. But now the user can perform different types of mobile app testing using Appium on the preinstalled apps.

About pCloudy

pCloudy is the next-gen mobile app testing platform with more than 5000 device browser combinations. Mobile app testing is critical for an app to get popular and provides a good user experience. pCloudy solves the issue of testing an app on multiple devices with different specifications and saves the user from spending a huge amount of money on building a device lab for the same purpose. Both manual testing and automated testing can be performed on real devices in pCloudy. It gives users the freedom as they get with online emulators without compromising with the quality. It has a global presence and provides solutions to many Fortune 500 companies.

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