OverSightMD Aging in Place Solutions Solves Problems for Independent Senior Living Communities

The OverSightMD aging in place solution is the answer independent senior living management has been seeking to improve occupancy rates, manage resident wellness levels and enhance resident satisfaction scores. The OverSightMD care management platform, remote wellness monitoring devices, fall detection, and a dedicated care team bring a new level of support capabilities to communities to assist residents so they can remain in the community for as long as possible.

We support independent senior living communities with maintaining high occupancy rates by delivering preventive wellness solutions to each resident. Residents that avoid falls, ER visits, unexpected hospitalizations, and skilled nursing stays are likely to remain in their existing living arrangements longer. Our aging in place solutions provide wellness monitoring of core health vitals and initiate alerts when potential concerns are flagged. Alerts are responded to and managed by our team directly with the resident or staff as needed. Each resident has access to our care team for wellness support through our Push Button Care coordination services and also receives routine wellness assessments by phone.

Through our care platform, we monitor each resident’s wellness level and assist with their biggest health concerns. Our support teams are focused on helping each resident maintain adherence to their care plans and following best practices for any chronic health conditions they may be managing on a daily basis. The OverSightMD medical alert and fall detection devices allow our team to keep a watchful eye and is always ready to step in to provide the right intervention to prevent unnecessary ER visits.

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Our team can act as an extension of the support staff at independent senior living communities and we enjoy collaborating with communities so that we can help drive up resident satisfaction and reduce vacancy rates. We regularly provide traditional social services to residents and can take the burden off of overworked community management teams that are often stretched thin at certain times of the day or week.

“Our solution for independent senior living communities is a win-win for the communities and the residents,” says Mark Godwin, CEO of OverSightMD. “Residents receive an end to end solution for aging in place that improves their long term health and wellness and communities gain additional capabilities designed to keep residents in their homes longer and happier.”

OverSightMD offers three levels of aging in place support to meet the varied needs of seniors in communities through SeniorOne Alert, SeniorOne Link, and SeniorOne Assist. Our comprehensive solutions will improve the long term wellness for residents, reduce unnecessary ER visits and re-hospitalizations. Families can rest easy knowing that their loved ones have an additional layer of protection and when needed can have access to support on a daily basis.

OverSightMD (https://oversightmd.com/) is a care management organization with an integrated population management platform that enables Medicare Advantage plans, non-affiliated hospitals, post-acute providers and home care companies to function as a unified healthcare system by actively coordinating patient care and information to improve wellness and health outcomes while reducing ER visits and re-hospitalizations.

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