NIC Charger Launches The World’s First Totally Wireless Charger

NIC Charger is set to be the world’s first totally wireless charger that can charge most of the portable devices wirelessly without the need to connect any cable. The company has recently unveiled their prototype, and they are hopeful that with the right funds from the Kickstarter campaign, the company should have the fully functional product in the market very soon.

Karl Daniels, developer and co-founder of the company was quoted as saying, “ We knew that electricity without wires is a concept which a lot of people have been working on for too long. This is the world first truly wireless charger in the world; this will be a game changing in the world of portable devices. As we developed our prototype; we are excited and hopeful that our wireless charger will become the next big thing that shall have everyone talking.”

Experts believe that NIC Charger is one of the most attractive concepts of the recent times. The new wireless charger is designed in such a way that one needs to connect NIC to the power itself and then the NIC charging pad is connected to the phone or the tablet. As soon as the device comes within 5 meters of NIC, it will start charging and will continue to do so as long as it stays within the range.

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Ideally, this wireless charger comprises of two parts – the NIC charging cube which in turn is commented to a power outlet and the NIC charging pad which can be permanently connected to the portable device. The NIC charging pad is compatible with all other NIC Cubes that anyone might have at their home or office.

The product has been designed for easy use and doesn’t come with unnecessary instructions regarding how to set up or how to charge. Further, the best safety measures are in place to make sure that the device doesn’t get overcharged or over-heated because of it. It is also likely to have a positive impact on the battery life of the devices and will aid in lasting longer.

“This is the invention of the 21st century, this will revolutionize the world, from charging your phone wirelessly anywhere in your house to charge your electric car while driving”, said Thalia Barlow, co-founder of the NIC Charger.

Those who would like to contribute to the Kickstarter campaign can check out the details of the funding by clicking

To know more about the company and how they have been working hard to make wireless electricity a true possibility, one can check out

About The NIC Charger

NIC Charger is one of the renowned companies that have been working in the field of electronic devices. They are looking to champion the cause of electricity without wires, and their wireless charger model is truly a revolution in a lot of ways.

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