West-Com NCS Announces the Opening of Omni Technologies, LLC’s New Minneapolis/St. Paul Office

West-Com Nurse Call Systems, Inc., the leader in patient safety, clinical workflow, and healthcare communication solutions, is pleased to announce that Omni Technologies, LLC of Madison, Wisconsin, a leading distributor of healthcare communications, is opening a new office in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Omni Technologies has been an industry leader in Madison since 2011. Over the past 7 years, Omni has expanded their client-base throughout the Midwest. Recently, West-Com and Omni were awarded a large nurse call project, with Phase 1 including several facilities in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. This project, along with increased business in the area, created the need for a local presence in the Minneapolis area. Mike Ress, President of Omni stated, “This new office will strengthen Omni’s presence in the area and will allow us to better serve our clients. With the increased amount of work in the area, opening a Minnesota branch was a logical step in our business growth strategy.”

West-Com is manufactured in the USA and provides an innovative approach to improving patient safety and healthcare communications. With scalable web-based analytics applications, mobility platform, and digital CareBoards™, West-Com continues to lead the industry with new, innovative products. C. Larry Peters, CEO of West-Com Nurse Call Systems, Inc. said, “Omni is a very impressive organization and is dedicated to West-Com’s mission to advance patient care outcomes, positively contribute to the patient care environment and enrich the lives of patients, family members, and healthcare workers.”

About Omni Technologies, LLC

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From small assisted living facilities to some of the nation’s largest multi-facility hospital systems, Omni’s customers have relied on Omni’s knowledge and expertise to provide the right nurse call solutions for their facility. It is important that nurse call solutions are flexible and future proof as the healthcare industry continues to emphasize patient safety, cyber security and patient satisfaction. Omni designs nurse call solutions that streamline clinical workflow, improve responsiveness to patient requests, elevates the quality of care and enhances patient satisfaction. For information about Omni, please contact Mike Ress, President at 608-819-1980 or email [email protected].

About West-Com

West-Com is an international provider of patient safety, healthcare communication, and clinical workflow solutions. The company is headquartered in Fairfield, California, with a network of over 70 distributors worldwide. For more information on West-Com, go to their website at www.westcomncs.com.

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